Three sports, three seasons never resting, always moving

Trenay Newsome, Staff Writer

Demetrice Marable, senior, plays a sport for every season he is in school. This includes football, basketball and baseball.

He plans to play football and baseball in college because they would even out. If he decided to play football and basketball the training seasons would overlap or if he tried to play basketball and baseball the training season would also overlap. But since football is in late summer/early fall he should be able to play baseball in the spring. He was offered a baseball scholarship to Alabama State University. He has also been looking into University of South Dakota, South Dakota State University, Southern Missouri University, Morningside College, Doane College, Briar Cliff, A and M, Troy University and Ohio University.  Marable plans to commit to the college that offers him the best deal regarding football or baseball, although he hopes to play both.

Marable does not have a favorite sport because all three sports offer something different and each is challenging in their own way.


Ever since the age of six Marable has been playing football. After coming to Central his freshman year he made the JV team, then made Varsity his sophomore year and has played ever since.

“My favorite thing about football is the competitiveness and team work. With football one person can do a lot of spectacular things, things that are noticeable but without everyone else those things wouldn’t be possible. Every block counts, if one person doesn’t block it, it could mess up the entire play,” said Marable. “It gets very competitive, especially against a great defender.”

The high lights of Marable’s football senior year include his one handed catch against Creighton Prep that had the crowds going wild and giving people something to buzz about. Also senior night when all the seniors were recognized, “it was a last regular season home game and it was bittersweet moment,” said Marable. And finally, the North vs Central game because it was basically the game of the year – although Central lost the team put up a big fight.

It will be a sour kiss goodbye to high school football, but a welcoming hug for high school basketball.


Ever since the age of five Marable has played basketball. He started his freshman year playing on the freshman team and jumped up to JV his sophomore year. He continues playing JV his junior year but suited up for Varsity. His final year he will be playing Varsity.

“My favorite thing about basketball is the athletism, it shows a person’s true athletism. Basketball requires you to be quick, you’re leaping ability. The higher you jump the more advantage you have, you must use these things constantly throughout the game unlike football and baseball,” said Marable.

Marable described his first high school dunk his junior year while playing Creighton Prep. “Shout-out to Ricky McCants for throwing me alley-oop which allowed me to jump up and dunk the ball, in my head – I couldn’t do anything except scream,” said Marable.

Although he is saying goodbye to High School football and baseball for now, he will meet them later in life. However, this season will be a bitter sweet season his he says goodbye forever to basketball.


Marable started baseball at the age of four. “I remember being six and running my first home run, I played with the older kids so this gave me a boost of confidence, when I hit the fourth base I felt like I wasn’t in reality anymore,” said Marable.

Starting his freshman year on the freshman team he only played three games before he was moved up to JV status. After being moved up to JV he was batting lead of which was different than anything he has done before.

“My favorite moment was when I was batting lead for the first time and Coach Neal told not to worry and to just play my game,” said Marable “So I go up and the first pitch comes and its high, the second one comes and its low, then the next pitch comes the same way and I rocket it to the left center field. I almost though it was a home run but it hit the fence. So I’m running around and I slid into third base. That game was my favorite.” Every year since then he has been playing Varsity.

Marable has been playing three sports consecutively for the past four years but when May 14th comes Marable will be reduced to playing two sports and will finally have the ability to rest.