They’re taking our culture

October 11, 2017

Since the beginning of time white people having been stealing things that don’t belong to them. Including land, women and culture. If it’s one thing they’re good at would be appropriating culture. It’s not that hard to see, all you have to do is look at the trendiest clothes and see that once again the white and rich has profited off of a culture that doesn’t belong to them.

Look on the latest high fashion runways and you can see what all the fuss is about. Gucci with the embroider flower jeans, shoes, and jackets are easily a replica of indigenous Mexican women’s clothing that I grew up seeing. Marc Jacobs with the pastel faux dreadlocks or the cornrows on white women which is clear representation of how to easily disrupt any African culture. Givenchy with the tribal face piercings and gelled down baby hairs on again white women. This only a list of some of the cultural appropriation going on in high fashion.

The most disrespectful thing wouldn’t be the lack of diversity they have in the models who represent the looks. It would be how they completely dismiss or ignore the whole entire problem as a whole. Therefore, people not of that culture think it’s okay to appropriate it. It’s understanding to be inspired or have certain influences from people around the world. When the designers are so obvious about it when you clearly don’t care for acknowledging all the history behind a certain style of a culture.

When colored little girls would get ridiculed for wearing certain clothing and doing certain hairstyles it was okay for them to be discriminated against. When people of color would wear certain articles of clothing and would get and profiled against it was alright. All along it never was okay, it should have never been like that. Yet it was okay for some rich privileged designers to get their fifteen minutes of fame on the catwalk.

Overall, I just think the people who they are stealing from deserve recognition or acknowledgment. The original creators, the trendsetters, and finally the artists.



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