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Economics teacher unites faith, sports to offer Christians club

December 20, 2017

Corban Williams is a devoted teacher and Christian who is a member of the international sports ministry, Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). He has brought the ministries’ teachings and program to Central. Williams has worked for Central for two years now.

The motto of Central’s FCA program is “To see the world impacted for Jesus Christ through the influences of coaches and athletes.” From Nebraska’s own FCA.

So far 20 student athletes are a part in the program. Central’s FCA mission is to ‘take the gospel of Jesus Christ and explain how you can apply the gospel not only in life but on the athletic playing field,’ Williams said.

The FCA is a place for Christian athletes to come together and create community. The members meet every Thursday morning and participate in extra-curricular activities, while teaching gospel and keeping everything, Bible based.

The members go through different topics and study including the Bible and Jesus Christ. “For example, we start off with teaching gospel then explain different keys and elements that an athlete has such their goal, audience and ambition and align the Bible with those elements,” Williams said.

Williams feels the program benefits the athletes because the Bible explains how ‘Jesus is the way of truth and life’ he said. He tries to allow the students to understand how they can ‘glorify Jesus on the football field, baseball diamond or volleyball court, etc.’

Anyone can participate in Central’s FCA program even those who are not Christian or newly found Christians. Other staff members such as Jared Hyland and Sam Butler are a part of the FCA program.

The program started last spring. Both coach Williams and Hyland discussed what they can do to enlighten Central. “As Christians we have a great commission our job is to go and express the message of Jesus Christ and what he has done for everybody,” Williams said.

FCA counsels the coaches on how to guide them on bringing FCA to Central. Their foundation of the program revolves around the Bible.

He wanted to bring this program to Central because his passion for God, students and sports. “I wanted to do something that can bring all three of those things together and the FCA gives me a platform to do so,” Williams.

Since last spring the program has had a Friendsgiving, a weekend of champions event, summer camp and Bible studies.

The FCA headquarters are in Kansas City and had a trip during the first weekend of November in Grand Island, Neb. where 650 students attended, including a few from Central.

“The meaning of FCA program at Central is to express gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone willing to listen,” Williams said.

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