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Central senior, Courtney Young, wins first in weight class

April 9, 2018

Courtney Young, a senior, won her weight class and helped lead the Central powerlifting team to a first-place victory at the state competition. She has been participating on the team since she was a freshman and has enjoyed her time on the team. She also says at the last meet she lifted differently than she ever had done in the past. Young said, “I felt really excited about how I did. I had some goals I wanted to meet, especially on squat and bench.  

There are only three meetings during the powerlifting season. At each of these meetings Young improved in her squat and dead lifting, breaking her own record multiple times throughout the season. At the meet she squatted 400 pounds and dead lifted 480 pounds. She almost made it to a 500-pound deadlift, but it was called invalid. While deadlifting 500 pounds was one of her goals for the season and was therefore disappointed, she also believes that she did the best she could and is proud of how she did.  

During the state meet, Young had a scholarship opportunity which she had to leave for to be considered. So, during the meet Young left for the scholarship opportunity and came back to the powerlifting competition to compete in the squat competition. She only had 10 minutes to warm up before competing, and still squatted 400 pounds.  

Young also a part of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at Central, Young said that she used some of what she learned at FCA to motivate her when lifting at the last meet. She decided that she was going to lift for her faith instead of lifting for herself. This change in viewpoint is one of the reasons that Young believes she lifted better at this competition as compared to others. Young said, “As a Christian you want God to be at the Center. So, I decided I was doing this for him, not for me. When I went up to the 400, I made it.” 

She also believes that Coach Baker was one of the reasons that she was able to win her weight class and why the team was successful. She says that Coach Baker pushes all the people on the powerlifting team and makes them the best lifters they can be. Young also believes that he is one of the reasons that she was able to improve in powerlifting throughout her time at Central.  

Young also enjoys being on the team and the diversity of the people who participate. In her opinion, powerlifting is a sport that nearly anyone can join because the school has a lot of the equipment, which allows for more diversity on the powerlifting team as compared to other sports teams. She also believes that participating is rewarding because the boys and girls on the powerlifting teams are supportive of one another and it makes participating on the team a better experience.  

Young says, “I like the people. I really enjoy it because it is a club, so there are a lot of different kids from different places in the school. I love how hard everyone works and that we all have to work really hard and the season is really long, but we all just grind through it together. I really love that sense of family.” 


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