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Affordable Christmas Presents

December 21, 2018

The Holiday Season is not only the most wonderful time of the year but also the most expensive. With all the season arrives the multiple secret Santa parties and holiday parties with the family. It is estimated that the average American will spend over $700 on holiday gifts totaling $465 billion this year alone. To relieve the dreaded feeling of breaking the bank, here are some adorable and thoughtful presents that are under $20.

1. Mood Ring Thermochromic iPhone case: (available for the iPhone 6/6s/7/8) this iPhone case pays homage to the classic Y2K mood rings by changing color based on the warmth of the users’ touch. Available for $17.98 on

2. Animal Succulent Vase: For the plant lover in your life these adorable succulent vases rang from 13cm to 5cm and are $6.99 and available in multiple options; elephants, flamingo, hippo, corgi, bunny and many more browse options at

3. Decorative Cactus Candles Tea Light Candles 6 Pcs: These tiny little candles come in three different cactus shapes and split open when lit (unscented). Available from $9.57-12.99 at

4. Smoko UO Exclusive Peach Light: Add a little “peachy keen glow” to someone’s life with a peace shaped light that fits in the palm of your hand, the little smile on the peach’s face is definitely worth the $16.00. Available at

5. Light Up LightSaber Chopsticks: (varies color options) Make playing with food more acceptable? For avid Star Wars fan these chopsticks could serve as decoration or just a fun way to enjoy a meal. Available on for $9.99 a pair

6. Fantastic Beast Niffler Heat Changing Mug: (10 oz) The Wizarding World in the form of a cup. This Fantastic Beast mug features the logo on the mug when cold, then reveals a niffler that even Newt Scamander has trouble keeping track of when hot. Available for $6.99 at

7. Bluetooth Beanie Headphones: Allows you to enjoy your music while still being protected from the cold. These headphones are loud enough for you to hear your music while leaving the people around you undisturbed. Available for $13.99 at

8. Adjustable Initial Ring: Available in both lower and uppercase, pick up a couple rings for your loved ones as a super chic and adorable sentimental gift. Available for $5.57. Browse on

9. 4” Plasma Light: Bring it back to the 80’s add a touch sensitive plasma ball in someone’s life. The Plasma ball also comes with a sound sensitivity feature that sync to your speakers. Available at for $14.95

10. Cable Bites: Reinforces chargers cable so it doesn’t fall out mid-charge, the cable bits come in adorable animals that attach to your phone charger and clip on to your phone to prevent cable breakage. Browse options available for $6.00 at

11. Cat Money Stealing Piggy Bank: For those who still carry around cash, opt for a traditional piggy bank with a cat that jumps out and takes the money. Makes saving money cute. Available at for $13.98

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