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Five Feet apart Movie Reveiw

March 23, 2019

Based on the novel by Rachael Lippincott, Five Feet Apart came into theaters on March 14th, 2019, and has already blown away audience members of all ages. Five feet Apart is your usual Young adult star- crossed lovers’ story, but with a twist.  

The twist being the young love birds are both terminally ill and as a result forbidden to touch.  Stella (Hailey Lu Richardson) and Will ( Cole Sprouse) have both spent most of their lives in the hospital as a result of their diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis. Along with the terminal illness comes a higher risk of contracting other viruses. As a result of their weaker immune systems, CF patients are advised to stay 6 feet apart from others with the same condition at all times 

Stella is a control freak, who does everything by the book while she is awaiting new lungs, Will is a bit of a rebel, who just doesn’t see the point of being careful and taking if he’s just going to die anyway. The two met by accident and what started out as an alliance, an agreement to do their treatments together soon turns into affection, and later love.  

Five Feet Apart is a heartwarming (and heart breaking) tale of two young souls in love but destined to forever be apart. It’s a tale full of adventure, secret midnight rendezvouses, hilarious hospital hallway shenanigans, and tragic truths. 

Other than being a story of two sick kids falling in love despite their situation, Five Feet Apart discusses the importance of touch. Human touch from the one you love, how it (touch) dominates every facet of life, every emotion, every experience, and how no one fully appreciates the warm touch of a lover’s hand until you can’t have it. 



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