Students abusing Adderall as performance drug

Mackenzie Coughlin, Coughlin

The world today is such a competitive place and everyone feels that they need a leg up. To achieve an award, scholarship, grade, etc., one must need something to make him/her unique and stand out from the crowd. This is where the use of drugs like Adderall come into play for those with and without prescriptions.

As seen in the 2018 Netflix documentary, “Take Your Pills,” the act of using nonprescribed Adderall as a performance drug is mainly seen in college age students but is well on its way to high school students. People in the documentary state that taking the drug makes “impossible” tasks as well as writing a paper, making a report or cleaning much easier by alerting focus.

Researchers that are studying the topic of Adderall abuse have said that there are several dangers that come along with being too dependent on amphetamines, just like with any other drug. Many see amphetamines not as real drugs due to the fact that they are used to treat ADHD. With this being said, people who aren’t diagnosed with ADHD will think that it is justifiable to take Adderall when they just can’t focus.

There have been many cases of college students openly selling their Adderall pills to others to make extra cash. These situations, although technically drug dealing, are not seen as such by the public. This could be from the fact that a lot of children are prescribed the drug and it is a pretty common one. This does not hide the truth that Adderall has very serious, sometimes deadly side effects when used improperly.

It is interesting how the selling and misuse of Adderall and other amphetamines are not as widely talked about as other drugs. Actions should be taken to lessen the illegal distribution of Adderall, for is is silently hurting many people. says that Adderall has similar effects to meth. The people that are using Adderall without a prescription are at a higher risk of gaining an unhealthy addiction.

Another reason why this problem has not been solved could be because students are not properly educated. Drugs that are discussed more in depth in classrooms are more intense stimulants, depressants, etc. Adderall could possibly be overlooked due to the fact that many already know what it is and what it is used for. If students were educated more on the outcomes of taking high doses of nonprescribed Adderall, or any drug, it could prevent many high school students from doing it in college or later in life.