Goetz, math teacher, retiring after 30 years

Mackenzie Coughlin, Staff Writer

Being a teacher means being able to touch the hearts and minds of many. Teachers at Central hold true to this statement, specifically Christine Goetz.

Goetz has been teaching for a total of thirty-four years, nineteen at Central and fifteen at Lewis and Clark. She is currently finishing out her last year of teaching at Central. “I hate leaving Central, but I am starting a new chapter of my life and it’s fun to have a new adventure. It is so difficult to leave a job I love,” Goetz said.

Many know Goetz as a math teacher, but she actually started out with teaching computer skills.

Anyone that has had Goetz as a teacher would say that she pushes him/her to do their best. “I hope that students are equipped to do whatever they want in their future. I hope they say that I was tough, but they learned a lot,” Goetz said.

Goetz very much loves to teach and cares about all her students. “I had a high school teacher that made a difference in my life. I want to be that person for someone else,” Goetz said.

As Goetz’s Central career is coming to a close, it is special to reflect on her time here. “My first year was pretty rough because I had a lot to learn. Now I don’t stress about things that got to me in my first year,” Goetz said. Being able to have so much growth and experience while at Central shows the school’s dedication to education.

“Central is like a family even though it is a big school. The students for the most part are good to each other, and the teachers are caring towards each other and the students as well,” Goetz said, “There are many different types of people to meet at Central which makes the school so interesting.”

Goetz has had many accomplishments during her time teaching. Her favorite is winning the Buffett Award, where she shared a dinner with Warren Buffett himself. This showed Goetz how much she is appreciated as a teacher.

Because Goetz has a passion for teaching, after retirement she plans to work in another school district. This shows Goetz’s determination and passion, which will be dearly missed by Central staff and students.