Upcoming school trips to attend

Mackenzie Coughlin, Staff Writer

High schools all around the country participate in school trips to foreign locations, and Central High is no exception. Central has sent students far and wide so that they can work to grow their understanding of the world around them. Students that attend the trips say they are very memorable and will stick with them forever.
Scott Wilson, a history teacher, is very familiar with school trips since he sponsors a trip to Europe every two to three years. “We usually do not go every year, although we are going back-to-back in 2020 and 2021 because our last trip had so much interest, we had to make a waiting list,” Wilson said. The trip planned for the summer of 2021 will be a WWII trip around Central Europe. Wilson believes this will be very meaningful to a lot of students.
Another teacher that is sponsoring an upcoming trip is Erica Meyer, a German teacher and World Language department head. She will be taking students to Italy, Switzerland and Germany in the summer of 2020. “By going on a school trip, students get to practice their language and communication skills. We visit places not only discussed in language classes, but history, art, English classes, etc.,” Meyer said.
Both teachers agree that school trips can very much relate to situations that occur here at Central. “The experience of being at historic sites really brings the things you learn in the classroom or in a book to life,” Wilson said. The skill to apply one’s knowledge to life outside of school is proof of a successful learner.
Students that have previously went on school trips said they were able to immerse themselves in a different culture compared to America. “School trips are an amazing opportunity to learn not just about the places and people of the countries we visit, but to also learn about yourself and gain life skills like independence and responsibility,” Meyer said.
School trips are not only beneficial for students, but for teachers as well because they get to witness the growth of their students’ knowledge and social surroundings. “We want our students to become life-long travelers and learners, and to be more capable of adapting to an ever-changing world,” Wilson said.
If interested in signing up for a school trip, students that are enrolled in the specific class will be directly invited, but any student is welcome to sign up and travel.