Benefits of seeing a therapist

Mackenzie Coughlin, Staff Writer

Everyone has problems that they must face daily. Obviously, people have different coping mechanisms than others. It is most common to deal with struggles such as school, family, friends, etc., alone, but another option is seeing a therapist.
The concept of paying a therapist to talk about your problems seems ridiculous, but many people swear by it and say it is what has helped them through dark times. People that remain skeptical of the idea say that there are people they can talk to for free. Of course, that is possible, but everyone has different situations and it might not be an option for everyone.
Another turnoff from therapy is that the therapist is usually a complete stranger. This makes the experience very intimidating and could bring more stress than before. However, once one actually goes through the experience of therapy, they will realize that it is not as bad as they thought.
Therapists are specially trained to comfort people and teach them ways to cope and deal with problems in their life. This is what makes going to a therapist or counselor much more different than just talking to a close friend or family member.
It is a therapist’s job to teach their patient tools that they can use in their everyday life to calm themselves down such as breathing exercises, something to say or write, etc. The techniques given by therapists are more likely to help since that is what therapists went to school to study.
The fact that therapists have professional degrees can be a calming sign for anyone stressed or scared about seeing a therapist. They are taught how to deal with every situation and won’t judge you for what you are feeling or going through. Whether it is a small problem or one that is all-consuming, therapists are there.