New Year Resolution Don’t Work

February 18, 2020

What is your new year resolution this year? Eat better, work harder, or maybe even get in a relationship? Here’s why those won’t even last into February.  

First off, the new years hype usually doesn’t stick around. Social media and news outlets stop talking about it after a week into the new year. It’s just another thing for people to post about, but after the hype is gone why talk about it anymore? 

It’s almost impossible to change your habits in one day. It takes an average of six weeks for someone to even start getting rid of a bad habit, but news years resolutions ask you at midnight to change that habit.  

“New year, new me,” is one of the most stupidest things ya Americans say. Now I’m not saying nobody gets better or follows through, but do you know anyone that has changed something major about themselves in one night? It’s a really nice idea but it isn’t really reasonable.  

A better way to go about making a big change is to start with smaller goals and work your way to the end goal. New years may be the time to start but everything takes time. For example, if you want to eat better start by changing one meal at a time. Nobody is perfect, but eventually if you set goals and work towards them you’ll get there.  

So instead of obsessing over changing in one night maybe we should use that night to start a change and work to the better we want.  

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