Crime documentaries rise in popularity; captivating to watch

Mackenzie Coughlin, Staff Writer

Anyone that has Netflix or other streaming platforms can see the quick rise in the number of true crime documentaries that have been released even in the past few months. From stories of serial killers to stalkers, the idea of popularizing and fantasizing crime has become very mainstream. Junior Shay Frost said, “Once one is made and does well it seems that more continue being produced because the audience finds them so captivating.” With easy accessibility to these shows, many have found themselves on the couch for hours deep diving into mind-wrecking stories from years past.
From the outside, seeing that horrid crime stories have become very popular can be either completely disturbing or interesting. Many see this as exploitation of victims and that their killers do not deserve the spotlights they have been given. Others come from the angle that these documentaries are informational about what to look out for and show the harsh realities of the world. Frost said, “Crime documentaries are interesting because they show what people are capable of, even if it is really scary.”
Psychologists have concluded as to why true crime stories get the interest of so many: the intense and crazy scenarios in the documentaries give people a look into the wretched and twisted parts of the human brain. Any sane person would never think of committing the murders and crimes that those featured in the shows did. Being able to understand someone’s motivation to do something so insane, strangely enough, draws the attention of more people than expected.
The Netflix documentary and movie about Ted Bundy and his disgusting actions are two that very much fueled the fire of the popularity of true crime. The documentary of Bundy goes fully in-depth about every aspect of his actions, the court case and the aftermath of everything. “Knowing what Bundy did, the documentary was very informational but at the same time disturbing due to the intensity of his crimes,” Frost said. This case was one of the few that was given two separate shows. A movie that depicts the life of Ted Bundy in a more personal way was also released in January 2019.
Frost said, “I can see the popularity of crime documentaries lasting for longer because crime and medical shows are both extremely popular and on the rise.” Although this was not the first documentary of its kind to be released, it caught the attention of people everywhere. It also has brought attention to the careers that can go along with solving crimes such as a detective or lawyer.
As of today, there are at least thirty true crime documentaries on Netflix alone, with several having already been released in 2020 with many more to come. With that being said, the interest in crime is not going away any time soon in the new year.