Being a teenager during a pandemic

Mackenzie Coughlin, Staff Writer

The coronavirus pandemic has obviously changed many aspects of how our world lives and communicates. We’ve resorted to online video chatting to take classes, have birthday parties, and even hold weddings. Staying home as much as possible to limit contact with others has been crucial in controlling the virus. If we want this pandemic to slow down at all, simply staying home is one answer, but some of society doesn’t see that as an option.  

For example, it is not common to see herds of teenagers out and about at the mall, parks, lakes, or any other large hangout spots to enjoy time with their friends. Some argue it is essential for kids this age to interact and live life as a teen before adult responsibilities.  

When the coronavirus struck, it was basically requirement to stay inside and away from the public. Many people were able to follow this easy task if it meant not coming down with Covid-19, but low and behold, teens needed to be with friends. Once many of the quarantines and restrictions were lifted, these teens went right back to hanging out in their large groups with no safety precautions in place. This is not only a health risk for them, but also the family members in their households.  

While many teenagers are following the state guidelines and wearing masks, they miss out on a lot of socialization that is an integral part of growing at this age. Many are having to choose between spending time with friends or keeping themselves and others safe. They will not get this time back as a teenager, so what is there do? 

Coming into the beginning of the school year, this also seems to be a question many students are asking themselves. With online classes, students are deprived of that communication with classmates and friends, and instead sit at a screen for hours. This could lead to less social skills if online learning and social distancing continue for a long time.  

Missing out osocialization not only impacts kids today, but it questions whether this will have lasting effects. Will they be prepared for college, interviews, or a career? This goes to show that the coronavirus will have greater impacts than anyone knows.