New episode of Euphoria sheds light on new characters

February 7, 2021

Just a month after the release of the special episode for Euphoria that focuses on Rue, HBO came out
with a second bridge episode for the coming season. The entire hour of run time was focused solely on
Jules, another main character in the Euphoria universe. This episode was important to the show’s
development because for the first time, audiences can see events through Jules’ eyes instead of Rue’s.
Like in the previous bridge episode, the structure of the show was Jules speaking to someone about the
events of the past and her plans for the future. The show delves into topics about Jules that the first
season hardly touched on.
Because Rue is the narrator for Euphoria, many of the events that are shown on the screen are skewed
by how Rue is perceiving them, therefore making her an unreliable narrator. By the end of the first
season, Jules is depicted as somewhat of a villain because of her actions, but what audiences did not
know was what she dealt with personally. Thus, by making this episode from Jules’ point of view,
watchers can understand more about each character.
In addition, the cinematography within Euphoria, and especially within this episode, is phenomenal.
They use lighting to show emotion and even play with the setting to create a real and fake universe
within the characters’ minds.
The heavy subject matter that this show touches on is once again brought to life through Jules’
experiences. Directors mention issues like femininity and sex for someone who is transgender:
something that almost no television show has even come close to doing.
Euphoria is ambiguous for a teenager who decides to watch. They can relate to at least one character,
but Jules’ special episode is still the most powerful yet. The writers did the best job possible in crafting
her into a complex character. This look into her struggles made the show even more incredible.
While Euphoria is groundbreaking, it does have topics that can be triggering for audiences. This is a
show that all teens should watch at least once in their life, but it should not be taken lightly.
The consensus on Jules’ episode is that Euphoria hit the mark. These two special episodes were both
important to developments for individual characters but also the show as a whole.

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