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Netflix releases new show, “Ginny and Georgia”

March 5, 2021

Netflix came out with a new television show titled Ginny and Georgia on Feb. 24 of this year. The show is
ten episodes long and stars Antonia Gentry as Ginny and Brianne Howe as Georgia. The characters
describe themselves as, “Gilmore Girls but with boobs.” Ginny and Georgia revolves around the two
main characters after moving to a new town as they grapple with both new and old relationships. The
show has been received with varying opinions.
The initial concept of the show is appealing to someone who enjoys a good mother-daughter drama, but
Netflix’s take on it was severely lacking. For one, nearly all the characters are extremely unlikable and
unrealistic. The writers of the show, Debra J. Fisher and Sarah Lampert, are clearly out of touch with real
teenagers. Some of the actions that were depicted by the high school students were almost too hard to
For instance, Ginny’s love interest, Hunter, was often shown tap dancing in school, dabbing after shots
of alcohol, or using slang from 2014. Everything that these characters do seems forced and outdated.
In addition to the unrealistic depiction of teenagers, the way that the writers went about tackling
difficult topics was not done well. Ginny and Georgia covers prominent issues, but fails to bring any sort
of depth. There are plot lines about teenage pregnancy, self-harm, depression, divorce, and sexual
abuse, yet they seem to give no real attention to it. Instead, the show adds them occasionally to make
the plot seem more interesting or relatable.
Ginny and Georgia has even dealt with controversy concerning a joke that was made about Taylor Swift.
Ginny says to her mother, “You go through boyfriends faster than Taylor Swift.” In response to this,
Swift tweeted about how the comment was lazy and misogynistic. Frankly, I agree. The way that
relationships are portrayed in the show comes off just as Swift says: lazy and misogynistic.
There are a few redeeming qualities of this show. Some of the actors did an outstanding job. Georgia
was played perfectly. I found myself being the most interested in her storyline. Not to mention, she was
the least obnoxious character.
Overall, Netflix missed with this one. The watch was painful and long. While there was potential for both
the characters and the storyline, it just did not meet the mark. I would not recommend this to anyone
who enjoys good television, but if you are looking for something casual, then you might enjoy it. Sadly,
Ginny and Georgia tried to be a loveable coming-of-age drama, but failed miserably.

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