Senior works to create own style in his art

Maya Durfee O'Brien, Web Editor

Steven Kirchmann, a senior, has been interested in art since he was very young. He started doing art when he was in first grade and ever since it’s been a big part of his life.

“I started out when I was in first grade. Mostly doodles and it was very fun and exciting. People complimented me a lot when I was in first grade so I thought to myself ‘Ooh I must be good at this,’” said Kirchmann. He then continued on with art, taking classes all throughout his grade school years at Holy Name and then continuing on by taking classes at the high school level.

He describes his style as being , abstract with a lot of line design, black and white, not much color, kind of minimal, but very engaging.” Kirchmann hopes to continue developing his own style, and his own creativity in his art.

At Central, Kirchmann has taken various different art classes. “Right now I’m taking Art Studio and I took Art 1-2 to Art 5-6,” said Kirchmann. He also took pottery. Kirchmann said that pottery was okay, but he prefers to use different mediums when creating his art. “I’m not very good with making things with my hands,” said Kirchmann. Give him a pen or pencil and a piece of paper and he won’t disappoint.

“We have some ink, a cup of ink, and we have a pen so we just dip it into the cup to get the ink,” said Kirchmann. This is his preferred method of doing his art. Right now, Kirchmann is trying to make his own portfolio. “I just finished another india ink piece, right now I’m working on a classical piece. It’s realism, straight lines…realistic kind of stuff,” said Kirchmann. “It’s not really my forte,” he said.

In the future Kirchmann wants to be able to do art possibly even as a career. “I’m going to UNO probably, I might study in the Liberal Arts area, but I know somehow I will always do art,” said Kirchmann.

Kirchmann designs his own album covers. He does this free hand, with no specific album in mind, just designs he thinks would look good on the cover of an album. He finds his inspiration from music. “I listen to a lot of electronic music and that really inspires me. It either has a lot of layers in its music, but sometimes it’s very minimal,” said Kirchmann. He says that he tries to convey both of these aspects through his own art. “Sometimes I’ll make something that has a lot of layers and sometimes I’ll make something that is very minimal,” he said. Even so, one thing that is notable about Kirchmann’s art is his precision and care throughout the pieces he creates.

Famous artists that inspire Kirchmann include Frida Kahlo who Kirchman said was “really cool.”

“I just want to create a certain style that’s me,” said Kirchmann. He doesn’t want to imitate others, he is working very hard to create a style of art that is him and him alone, one free of the imitations of many other artists.