The Register

2018-2019 Staff

Molly Ashford

Editor in Chief

Anne Gallagher

Executive Editor

Hey! My name's Anne and I am so excited to be the executive editor of The Register this year. I love being able to help produce quality issues of the newspaper :)

Emma Whaley

Executive Editor

Enjoy this picture of me trying to climb a tree. This is my second year on The Register's staff and my first year as an executive editor.   I want to use journalism to make a difference and spread the stories that need to be...

Connor Paintin

Graphic Editor

The Panini King; sometimes I do art.

Malcolm Durfee O'Brien

Managing Editor

Were you aware that there is a verb for politics? Politicking is a real word and you should spread this information as far as possible.  

Pangaea Kaan

Staff Writer

This is my first year on staff.  I enjoy science, my puppy and hate talking about myself.

Kayla M. Johnson

Staff Writer

Hi, my name is Kayla Johnson. This is my second year on newspaper staff. I'm currently a senior who wants to pursue neonatal nursing and continue on writing in college :)

Molly Huibregtse

Staff Writer

This is my first year on staff, last year i was on the O- Book staff. I am a senior and i am on Central's newly revived Color Guard team. In my free time i enjoy reading, sewing, and hanging out with my friends.

Mackenzie Coughlin

Staff Writer

My name is Mackenzie and it is my first year on The Register staff. I joined The Register because I love to write, as well as to get out of my comfort zone.

Sophia Sgourakis

Staff Writer

I'm Sophia and this is my first year writing for the Register. Other than doing school work and spending time with friends, I enjoy playing basketball and working out. Because of my love for fitness, I will carry that theme throughout...

Mac O'Brien

Staff Writer

I'm Mac, a senior, and this is my second year on staff. Outside of newspaper, I like to write fiction. I am also on the diving team.

Tyler Zipay

Staff Writer

I'm a Senior, and this my first year writing for The Register. I have five siblings and two pesky cats, Martin and Wafer. In my free time I like listening to classic rock music, reading, and writing short stories and news articles....

Rozlyn Olson

Staff Writer

Ari Saltzman

Staff Writer

My name is Ari and this is my second year on The Register. I am a huge sports fan, especially of the Nebraska Huskers.

Kween Alabi

staff writer

This is my first year on staff. I am a junior who likes to play the piano, write.  I want to study speech pathology in college.

Hailey Hutfless

staff writer

Olivia Gilbreath

staff writer

This year is my first year on staff, last year I took journalism, I like to read and write. I'm involved in multiple clubs and activities at Central.

Lizbeth Hermosillo-Najar

staff writer


Simon Bullerdick

staff writer

My name is Simon Bullerdick, I'm a music nerd and a current senior. Attending UNL next year and spend my time working writing and with friends.

Simret Habte

staff writer

My name is Simret Habte. I’m a sophomore and this is my first year on the Register. I like reading, napping, and eating. After high school I plan on going to college, hopefully outside of the Midwest.

Grace Turner

staff writer

Hi, my name is Grace Turner and this is my third year of being on staff with the Register. I love reading and writing, which have both always been some of my favorite things. I am into many different things including baking, 4-H,...

Grace Salanitro


Hi, my name is Grace and this is my first year on The Register. I'm a senior and I plan on continuing my academic career at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. I can play 6 instruments and I've been active in instrumental activities...

Olivia Drobny

Staff Photographer

i'm olivia and i'm super excited to be on Register staff this year! i'm here to hide behind a camera and document the world :)

Sophia Sidzyik

Staff Photographer

Hi, I'm Sophie. I don't know who I am so this is hard.

Alexis Blankenfeld

Staff Photographer

My name is Alexis Blankenfeld I am a junior at Omaha Central High School, I have been on staff since last year and I love and enjoy taking photos for The Register. What I am most excited about for this year is the photographers...

Hannah Brown

Staff Photographer

My name is Hannah Brown and this is my 1st year on the newspaper staff as a photographer! I am a junior, that means ACT, but I am super excited to share my pictures with the school this year. I am very involved in my church, a...

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