The Register

2019-2020 Staff

Malcolm Durfee O'Brien

Editor in Chief

Editor in chief. I like politics.

Emma Whaley

Editor in Chief

I'm a senior and your Editor in Chief. Don't do drugs unless they're prescribed. It doesn't matter what I do after high school because the Earth will be dead by the time we graduate from college.

Dillon Galloway

staff writer

Howdy! This is my fourth but technically first year on newspaper. I love to take photos of people, animals, sports, the whole kit and caboodle. Along with photography I enjoy writing about sports and news stories.

Jane Gawecki

Staff Writer

Hi, I'm Jane! I transferred to Central from Duchesne Academy this year, (I'm a sophomore), so this is my first year on newspaper staff. I enjoy studying fashion and writing. I have been a model for three years. Read my columns...

Makenna Anderson

Staff Writer

Hey, I'm Makenna. I'm a sophomore, and I play soccer and like to read. The end.

Blayke Olson

Staff Writer

Hallo, I'm Blayke. This is my first year on staff. I enjoy discussing controversial issues with people, so you can probably expect a lot of political stories coming from me and the occasional forced sports story.

Elena Correa

Staff Writer

Hi! My name is Elena Correa, and I'm starting as a freshman here at Central! This is my first year on staff, and you'll see me writing about a variety of subjects. I like to write pieces that make people think and discuss as well...

Stella Ehrhart

Staff Writer

Hello! This is my first year on newspaper staff and I'm very excited! "I hate the feeling of having hair on my neck" - Kate McKinnon...

Faith Stryker

Staff Writer

What's up guys, I'm a senior and its my first year writing for the Register. I am very open minded and looking forward to sharing some stories with you, I like to write poetry, stories, and watch horror movies in my free time.

Emily Hodges

Staff Writer

My name is Emily Hodges and I am a senior at Central. This is my first year on  staff for the register, but it is my third year as a member on the O-Book staff. Some of my other hobbies include tennis, piano, and spending time...

Mackenzie Coughlin

Staff Writer

Hello! My name's Mackenzie and this is my second year as a staff writer for The Register. For my junior year, I am looking forward to writing many interesting stories as well as performing on the dance team.

Callan Maher

Staff Writer

Hello, I am a sophomore and this is my first year on staff. I love to write, listen to the Beatles, watching Friends and hang out with my friends. I am very excited to be on staff and share my stories with you! "Going through...

Sophia Sgourakis

Staff Writer

Hey everyone! My name is Sophia Sgourakis, and it is my second year writing for The Register. This year, my columns will focus on highlighting the upcoming decade with monthly throwbacks. I hope there is a lot of success in store...

Alexis Radke-Chism

Staff Writer

I'm very opinionated and always smiling. Let's be friends.

Livia Ziskey

Staff Writer

Hi, I'm Livia. I'm a sophomore and this is my first year on staff. Journalism is very interesting to me, so I thought I would give newspaper a shot! I love to write stories of all sorts. Some of my other interests include playing...

Heidi Heyden

Staff Writer

Hello children, I'm Heidi. This is my second year as a staff writer on The Register. I am involved in choir, sports, and I am very rigorous in my academics. That's all I really have to say because the public education system d...

Daisy Friedman

Design & Website Editor

Hi. Everyone! My name is Daisy Friedman and I'm the Design/Website Editor of The Register! This is my first year at Central and on staff, but I have held journalism leadership positions at my previous school since freshman year....

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