2017-2018 Staff

Anna Kaminski


Third year staff member, adventure seeker, coffee addict and lover of journalism

Zoia Morrow

executive editor

I'm a senior and this is my second year on staff for The Register. I am the executive editor and I hope to further develop my writing and editing skills. In my free time, I enjoy reading, stalking models on Instagram, serving...

Julian Hock-Beaty

graphics editor

My name is Julian Hock-Beaty, and I’ve been a part of Central High’s journalism team for three years (going on my fourth). I took journalism as a freshman, joined the Register staff as a sophomore, and have been writing and...

Hayley Raney

staff writer

My name is Hayley Raney. I have been on the newspaper staff for 3 years now. Though I am still not sure what kind of career to would like to pursue in life, I know I want it to contain writing or photography. I am very interested...

Alec Rome

staff writer

Alec is a senior at Omaha Central, and writes for the fourth year on the staff of The Register. He has written on a variety of topics during his time in 029, from OPS superintendent Mark Evans to Deflategate (quite the spectrum)....

Simone Davis

staff writer

I’m Simone Davis and this is my second year as a staff writer for The Register. In addition to writing, I am a pre-professional ballet dancer and an avid reader. This year I am a section editor for the editorial section of the...

Carlson Koch

staff writer

This is my third year on staff and I am a senior. After my time writing for The Register is over I plan to attend UNL. I also plan to walk-on as a golfer at UNL and major in business. I play golf for Central right now and have...

Vasili Sgourakis

staff writer

I am Vasili and this is my third year on the staff. Other than copiously writing stories for the paper I enjoy spending time outside, good laughs, and spending time with friends. I plan on attending a four-year university and...

Molly Ashford

staff writer

As someone who has a lot to say but is rather terrified of speaking up, writing has become my way of spreading my ideas. This is my junior year and my first year of being on the Register staff. I am looking into a career in journalism,...

Simret Habte

staff writer

My name is Simret Habte. I’m a sophomore and this is my first year on the Register. I like reading, napping, and eating. After high school I plan on going to college, hopefully outside of the Midwest.

Jackson Godwin

staff writer

I am Jackson Godwin and this is my first year on staff. Some outside of school activities consist of hanging with friends and just having fun. Central High School has done a great job at providing an education and preparing me...

Kaitlyn Engel

staff writer

Hi! I’m Kaitlyn Engel and this is my first year on staff for the Register, but I have been writing for newspapers for about three years. I am a sophomore and I like to write, read, drive and sleep. I may have a mean face in th...

Anne Gallagher

staff writer

I am a junior and I am so excited to be on newspaper for my first year. Writing for the school paper has been something I have wanted to do since my freshman year. I get overwhelmed with my life and "run" away from my problems as well as run on the cr...

Sydney Prescott

staff writer

My name is Sydney Prescott, I am a sophomore, and this is my first year on The Register staff. I am passionate about running, music, books and Jesus. In the future I hope to get a full ride to a Nebraska college and find out what my career will be. On staff...

Kayla Johnson

staff writer

My full name is Kayla Marie Johnson and I am currently a junior. I love to write opinion pieces and share my view of life with my audience. This is my first year on newspaper staff and I am ready for the new experiences and school...

Maddie Grabow

staff writer

I’m a junior this year and this is my second year on Register staff. I’m terrible at putting my thoughts and opinions into words and writing for The Register has helped me challenge myself in the best way possible. In addition,...

Mac O'Brien

staff writer

I’m Mac, a junior, and this is my first year on the Register staff. When I’m not working on a story for the paper, I love to write fiction. I’d like to one day make a career out of my writing. I also play rugby and dive...

Grace Turner

staff writer

Hi, my name is Grace Turner and this is my second year of being on staff with the Register. I love reading and writing, and it has always been one of my favorite things. I am into many different things including baking, 4-H, fandoms...

Lizbeth Hermosillo-Najar

staff writer

My legal name is Lizbeth but you can call me pebbles. I am also easily irritated by anne gallagher (see anne’s bio)

Lexi Blankenfeld


This is my very first year on staff and I am a sophomore. I am the Photographer for the Central High School Newspaper. I love taking pictures almost as much as I love my dog. I play softball for Central’s Varsity and Junior...

Emma Whaley

staff writer

If you’re seeing this, you’re probably a huge geek like me who actually reads the school newspaper. This is my first year on staff, so I apologize. Most of the stuff I write will probably be about CHS drama, music, or anything...

Ari Saltzman

staff writer

I am in my sophomore year at Central. This is going to be my first year on staff, although I did do Journalism 1-2 last year. I also play on the golf team at Central. I like watching sports as well as some news. In the future...

Heidi Heyden

staff writer

My name is Heidi and I am a sophomore here at Central. I have done journalism since the 7th grade at Buffett Middle School. The words that would describe me the most are shy, quiet, smart and cheerful. I also participate in Bel Can...

Javier Lepes

staff writer

I am a junior. I enjoy adventuring, coffee, trying new things and Lil Uzi Vert.

Malcolm Durfee-O'Brien

staff writer

Malcolm J. Durfee O’Brien is a sophomore in the process of figuring out his routine in Newspaper. He is also exceptionally interested in film and politics. Durfee’s favorite President is Franklin Roosevelt. Durfee’s favorite...

Seh Na Mellick

staff writer

Not Chinese; always hungry.

Emily Engel

staff writer

Hi, I'm Emily. This is my first year writing for The Register and I am very excited. I like to  swim, nap, and write, of course! This year, I look forward to writing about a variety of topics that Eagles care about. If there is s...

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