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Clairo concert

Livia Ziskey, Staff Writer

1:00 pm

Clairo had a successful concert on Friday, Oct. 4 in Kansas City. She performed with three other bands as part of Middle of the Map Music Festival. This concert was part of her North American tour for her new album, “Immunity.”  The event was originally supposed to be held outside at Cros...

Punk stabs back

Punk stabs back

Emma Whaley, Editor-in-Chief

12:24 pm

Death by Brutus is a rock band made up of Central seniors. Members Flynn Rickerl, Thomas Richardson and Dexter and Sinatra Skillestad formed the band after pursuing music in years prior.  “During guitar sophomore year, I started talking to Dex and Sin and we started a little trio,” F...

Duct Tape; Central’s literary magazine

12:18 pm

‘Duct Tape,’ Central’s literary magazine, is upping its publicity which has many Central students excited.   Duct Tape is a student lead publication. The four honors writers who run the publication are seniors Claudia Richwine, sophomores Daniel Graham and Chineme Ekeh and freshman Isabella Mitchell....

Clothespin art around Omaha

Stella Ehrhart, Staff Writer

12:16 pm

“Life is funner than most of us make it,” secret artist “TM” said. Clothespin art may have been noticed by the people of Omaha on telephone poles all over town. They are watercolor artworks featuring large clothespins created and hung by mystery artist TM.  The art is used as a way to take use of the pu...

Central teachers using the elevator

Stella Ehrhart, Staff Writer

12:11 pm

Central’s elevator is not all it's cracked up to be, so why do teachers keep using it?  For those who need the elevator, for whatever reason, it is a godsend.  It makes getting to classes far easier and possible. It’s a nice break from the very fast pace of passing periods that are difficul...

Review: “The Mind: Explained”

Mackenzie Coughlin, Staff Writer

10:28 am

  “The Mind: Explained” is a new limited series released on Netflix in September 2019 that explores five different specific topics involving the brain: memory, dreams, anxiety, mindfulness and psychedelics. The series is recommended to watch in any order based on the viewer’s interests or pref...

Scenes from inside Omaha Fashion Week

Scenes from inside Omaha Fashion Week

Jane Gawecki, Staff Writer

October 14, 2019

Omaha Fashion Week: a live fashion show which takes place twice per year in Omaha, Nebraska. It is the fourth largest fashion event in the United States. While known to many, only a few limited, coveted seats are available to the public. Additionally, those who are lucky enough to snatch a seat are still missing out on a whole...


Emily Hodges, Staff Writer

October 9, 2019

Frozen Yogurt shops were one of the most popular places to be in the early 2010’s, but since then, almost all of them have shut down except for two: Orange Leaf and Red Mango. By frozen yogurt, I am referring to the ‘serve yourself’ shops where there is a wide array of flavors to choose from and t...

Author Visits Central

Makenna Anderson, Staff Writer

October 9, 2019

Author Neal Shusterman visited sophomores in H English class on Oct.2 to talk to them about what it’s like being an author and how he became one. He also spoke about his books, including “Dry” and “Scythe,” two books the sophomores were allowed to choose between to read before he came.  Shusterman is an a...

Food for thought

Blayke Olson, Staff writer

October 8, 2019

Mangia Italiana offers an authentic Italian experience that gives you a taste of Italy. While many of the dishes that the menu offers can be instantly recognizable to any other Italian restaurant around Omaha, what sets this local restaurant apart in particular is the family-owned recipes that the food ...

Ready or Not offers more laughs than screams

Blayke Olson, Staff writer

October 8, 2019

The comedy genre is one of the most malleable movie genres in the industry. Genre hybrids such as James Cameron’s “Alien,” a sci-fi/horror cross, proved to audiences the potential that two similar sub genres can create. However, just as horror is strictly aimed towards a certain mood and tone that...

Central’s remarkable hall of fame

Elena Correa, Staff Writer

October 3, 2019

Several new additions are going to be made to the Central High Hall of fame on October 3.  “When you look up at that wall, we want you to see yourself,” principal Ed Bennett said, “It shows that Central kids can be successful in a lot of different gives people hope.”   The following individuals ...

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