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Duct Tape; Central’s literary magazine

12:18 pm

‘Duct Tape,’ Central’s literary magazine, is upping its publicity which has many Central students excited.   Duct Tape is a student lead publication. The four honors writers who run the publication are seniors Claudia Richwine, sophomores...

Clothespin art around Omaha

Stella Ehrhart, Staff Writer

12:16 pm

“Life is funner than most of us make it,” secret artist “TM” said. Clothespin art may have been noticed by the people of Omaha on telephone poles all over town. They are watercolor artworks featuring large clothespins created and hung by mys...

New Speech and Debate Class

Emily Hodges, Staff Writer

October 9, 2019

Speech and Debate is being offered as a class at Central this year. 19 students currently participate in the new class taught by Molly Mahannah. Although this is Central’s first year having a Speech and Debate class, it has been...

Upcoming school trips to attend

Mackenzie Coughlin, Staff Writer

October 6, 2019

High schools all around the country participate in school trips to foreign locations, and Central High is no exception. Central has sent students far and wide so that they can work to grow their understanding of the world around...

Central’s remarkable hall of fame

Elena Correa, Staff Writer

October 3, 2019

Several new additions are going to be made to the Central High Hall of fame on October 3.  “When you look up at that wall, we want you to see yourself,” principal Ed Bennett said, “It shows that Central kids can be successful in a lot of different gives people hope.”   The following individuals ...

Omaha Youth Climate Strike

Simret Habte, Staff Writer

October 3, 2019

On September 20, there was a worldwide movement against climate change. Millions of students led strikes in cities around the world calling on their leaders to take measures to prevent any further damage to the environment and...

Major Ryan Cripps

Dillon Galloway, Staff Writer and Photographer

October 1, 2019

Major Ryan Cripps is the new JROTC instructor. After retiring in 2015, Cripps immediately looked for a JROTC position in the Omaha metro area. He moved to Iowa for a bit but found his way back to Omaha, getting a security jo...

AP Rules Changes

Malcolm Durfee O'Brien, Editor-in-chief

October 1, 2019

Over the summer, CollegeBoard, the organization responsible for setting rules and administering tests for Advanced Placement curriculum, as well as for the SAT test, changed the way the AP program is organized along with some of ...

Girl Up begins second year

Livia Ziskey, Staff Writer

October 1, 2019

Girl Up is continuing as a club for its second year with two new leaders. As Girl Up gains more recognition at Central, the club plans on expanding its influence. Girl Up is “a global movement of empowered young women leaders...

New Central Legacy Walk Opens

Ari Saltzman, Staff Writer

October 1, 2019

  Last summer, one of the final parts of Central’s expansion project over the last few years was completed: the Legacy Walk on the southeast side of the building. The Legacy Walk is a stairwell that connects the sc...

Resources for sexual harassment and assault in Omaha

Heidi Heyden, Staff Writer

October 1, 2019

For decades it has been taboo to even accept one’s experience of sexual harassment or assault, let alone talk about it in public. People often feel alone, misunderstood, or as if their experience is not “bad enough” to seek...

With new director, Concert Band competes at local festivals

Emma Whaley, Executive Editor

May 10, 2019

The concert band has recently been attending many festivals in the Omaha area. The attendance to some of these events are due, in part, to the new band director Evan Lee who was given the job this year after former director ...

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