Head of security department, Fletcher enjoys protecting others

Trenay Newsome, Staff Writer

Protecting students, staff and all visitors that roam the halls of Central High School is something Ben Fletcher, head of the security department, enjoys doing. He gives all pupils inside the walls of Central a sense of safety. He started working with Omaha Public Schools in 2011, Central being the first and only school he has worked at.

“Not my first job as a security job, I have worked at two other companies prior to Omaha Public Schools, for those companies I worked about two years a piece,” said Fletcher. Although he has been working as a security guard for the past eight years he was also one an electrician. “I did that for a couple years and I liked it but it just was not for me,” said Fletcher, “it was rewarding to see the work done afterwards, to see what was built and stuff, it wasn’t enough interaction with people, the money was great and it was great skill. It was a nice job and I actually fix some of my own things.”

While being an electrician was not for Fletcher, the reason being the lack of communication with people, explains why he became a security guard. “I’ve liked the idea of law enforcement, I took some police test a while ago, I’m still not sure if that’s what my future is or not. Being around people and working with people is my strength as an individual and I get to do that a lot as a security guard. So that’s what turned me on to this job,” said Fletcher.

Just after winter break he was promoted to Head of the Security Department. “It just happened because we had a lot of changes department wise,” said Fletcher. These changes include other security guards quitting, transferring or doing other things with their lives.

With his promotion he is in charge of new things: this includes telling substitute guards where they need to be around the building and which areas to check for, training new OPS school guards and show what they need to do in different areas, and also help monitor security cameras along with Bill Canney, dean of students. “Those are [some] of the differences of being Head of Department than just a security guard,” said Fletcher

“The best thing is to see the kids who go through the normal everyday struggles of high school and maybe some extra stuff tells you about it finally get to graduate, seeing them with the big smile on their face. Its super rewarding and also the roadshows are pretty cool, to see the kids to do their thing, and being able to show all their different talents on stage. Those two things are my favorite,” said Fletcher.

“The only thing I don’t like is any of the kids that get involved in gangs, sometimes they feel that’s the only acceptance they are going to get but it really ruins their life. I don’t ever get angry but it’s disappointing so I always try to talk to them about getting out of it, there are other options for them and they don’t have to go that route,” said Fletcher.

“I love my job here, it’s really rewarding to see the kids graduate and be there for them through their struggles and see them grow. Also all the diversity we have in the school and also all the kids talents, it’s just awesome,” said Fletcher. He plans on staying apart of the Central Family for a while because of the love he has for the staff and student body, “This is home for me, I’m a Burke bulldog turned eagle,” said Fletcher.