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Omaha Steaks celebrates 100 year anniversary

November 15, 2017

Omaha Steaks, founded in 1917, is having its 100-year anniversary this year. The company which is known for its production of beef products, was founded in Omaha Nebraska, where its headquarters are still located. To celebrate the 100-year anniversary every week Omaha Steaks gave away different prizes in a raffle. Omaha Steaks has been producing steaks and other beef products for one hundred years. They also deliver these products to other states, and the company is known throughout the United States.

Before becoming one of the biggest beef producers in the country, Omaha steaks was a local butcher’s shop located in Omaha Nebraska which was founded by J.J. Simon and his son. The two only worked locally until 1940, when Lester Simon, began serving the steaks in dining cars in transnational trains. After the success of these steaks on trains, the company began their first mail orders in 1952. At this point Omaha Steaks also switched from being mostly a butcher to a shipping a processing point.

Teiah Wells, a Central High School senior, has been working at Omaha steaks for the last two years. She works as a customer care representative, where she helps customers with any issues they may be facing. This is Wells’ second year of working at Omaha Steaks as a seasonal employee. Wells said, “I provide services to customers in need. I change mailing addresses, delivery dates, and I also fix issues of lost packages.”

Wells enjoys working at Omaha Steaks. She enjoys both working with the customers and with other employees. She works with customers during the winter months because the winter months are the busiest season at Omaha Steaks due to the influx of holiday gifts. Therefore, Wells and other seasonal employees are needed during this during the holiday season to help process these excess orders.

Wells said, “My favorite part about working at Omaha Steaks is the family you build while working there. I also love leaving the customers happy. The employees are amazing people to work with and everybody is able to help everybody.”

There are many benefits of working at Omaha Steaks. As a seasonal employee, there is no pressure of working all year around. There is also an additional hiring bonus for every year an employee is hired as a seasonal employee. Wells also chose Omaha Steaks as a job because she knew she was going to do well at the job, and she understood what she needed to do.

Wells said, “I chose Omaha Steaks because it is great holiday pay for a season. I knew I would be able to finish the job well done and be able to come back every year and provide the same services as well as a benefit to me getting a rehire bonus every year I go back.”

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