The top five energizing drinks

April 9, 2018

With the end of the year creeping up faster than one would expect, it is important to be on top of school work. Unfortunately, this means that not every night would provide us with a good night’s sleep. This could lead to a lack of energy throughout the school day, which could turn out to make grades worse. To prevent this, people tend to turn to caffeine: a popular stimulant found in coffee, tea, and energy drinks. Even though caffeine may seem like the best solution, it is easy to become used to its effects, or become addicted. Also, caffeine only works short-term, which forces drinkers to consistently come back for more. Although drinks with naturally-occurring caffeine—such as coffee and tea—can be healthy in moderation, there are other beverages that may even be better than that Red Bull to keep the brain running strong. Here are the top 5 drinks to help boost energy for studying:
Green Tea
Green Tea with caffeine is a simple way to increasing energy levels while providing important antioxidants. Unlike coffee, green tea is less likely to cause jitters due to its smaller amounts of caffeine, but it has enough to get through another review packet without crashing. Not experiencing jitters may make students more focused and decrease their levels of anxiety. Green tea also can boost brain power. According to WebMD, a Swiss study has shown that green tea was linked to, “greater activity in the working-memory area,” and, “block[ing] the formation of plaques that are linked to Alzheimer’s disease”. Overall green tea is a great way to awaken the brain and help retain a little bit more information.
Homemade Smoothies
Smoothies can be made or bought practically anywhere, but to ensure that your smoothie is the healthiest, it is best to make it at home with different fruits and vegetables. These fruits and veggies can easily make a smoothie packed with different vitamins and minerals that can improve brain function and memory retention. For long-lasting energy, add chia seeds, nut butter, yogurt, or protein powder. Also, using liquids such as water and 100% juice can give the smoothie more liquid fuel.
Protein Shakes
Protein has always been known to the building block for muscles, bones, cartilage, skin, and even the blood. It also supports the production of enzymes, vitamins, and hormones, according to Protein also provides long-lasting energy for those nights when you forget about that five-page report that’s due tomorrow. Unlike energy from sugar or caffeine, protein is less likely—if able—to cause an energy crash, which can make the studying process that much longer and more stressful. To make a protein shake, you can use protein powder from many different sources, such as whey, soy, and casein. You can also blend many protein-rich foods together and get the same amount of protein without the powder.
Sometimes, the best possible solution for quick energy and improved brain function is coffee. In moderation, caffeine is said to, “[increase] memory”, “[improve reaction time and logical reasoning], and, “ward off Alzheimer’s,” according to Coffee is also loaded with antioxidants, which help fight free radicals and may play a role in reducing your risk of diseases such as cancer and obesity, according to To keep coffee as healthy as possible, it is best to brew it at home and put as little cream and sugar as you can tolerate.
Everybody knows that water is necessary to survive. No matter if water helps increase energy levels or not, it is important to be drinking enough water every single day. One of the first and most obvious signs of not drinking enough water is dehydration. Dehydration is proven to negatively affect energy levels, mood, and the ability to think clearly, according to Simply drinking about 8 glasses of water a day not only can increase energy levels, but also drastically improve one’s health. Water is one of the most important beverages to drink; literally no one can survive without it.

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