Coneflower employee happy with work

November 20, 2019

Coneflower creamery is an ice cream shop in Omaha’s Blackstone district. Brian Langbehn and Katie Arant are the owners of Coneflower and they are passionate about making ice cream. Quinn Findley, a scooper at the creamery discloses, “We make all of our ice cream in the back kitchen. It’s amazing to see all the unique flavors they [Langbehn and Arant] come up with using only naturally sourced ingredients. We also try to buy almost all of our ingredients from local businesses.” 


Findley is a junior at Marian High School and she has been working at Coneflower for nine months. She enjoys her job and working under Brian, the founder of Coneflower. “Brian is a really good boss to have. He’s fun to work with but he knows when to be strict,” Findley reassures, “It’s awesome to see the time and effort that he has put into Coneflower have such positive results.”  


Being located in Blackstone, the creamery receives lots of foot traffic throughout the week. Since they are surrounded by many restaurants, Coneflower’s location is optimal for attracting customers. Findley says the busiest days of the week for the shop are Friday through Sunday and the least busy are Tuesday and Wednesday. Findley informs, “There’s not many negative aspects of the job, but we’re usually so busy that by the end of my shift I’m super exhausted.” 


The shop’s best-selling flavor of ice cream is the Blackstone Butterbrickle– an ice cream based with sweet cream containing toffee covered in dark chocolate. “Overall my favorite flavor is Blackstone Butterbrickle,” says Findley, “but currently it’s the Pumpkin Cheesecake with Espresso Caramel.” 


Coneflower employees are supposed to treat customers as friends and accommodate to the needs of customers as much as possible. Findley describes the work environment when commenting, “Everyone is extremely hard working and puts in effort to keep the business successful. I think it’s because we [employees] see Katie and Brian devoting themselves to achieving their goals.” 


Findley’s favorite part of working at Coneflower is working with her coworkers. She says ‘employees are treated well’ and ‘everyone is extremely nice’ when commenting on her perspective in the shop. Findley goes into further detail when discussing her coworkers stating, “There isn’t one coworker that I dislike and all of the are always hardworking even though we are all super busy.” 


The workers at Coneflower are supposed to be friendly, but Findley says the customers are always friendly, too. “Our customers are normally really happy and excited when we get to them since they have usually been waiting in a long line and it’s finally their turn,” she gushes, “We have a lot of regulars that come in who are always awaiting new flavors.” 


According to Findley, working at Coneflower takes diligence, but is worthwhile because of the positive work environment. “Brian is a really good boss to have,” she remarks, “He’s fun to work with but he knows when to be strict.” Findley recommends working at Coneflower to ‘friendly people-lovers who work hard’ and advises people to apply to work in there in the summer.  


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