Trinity Coleman

One of Coleman’s many photos taken on her Canon.

Freshman plans future in photography

December 4, 2020

She picks up her camera and places it in front of her eye. Her parents had just asked her to take the pictures of her latest baby cousin. Three clicks of the camera and she had just captured another moment in time.  


I did it so I can get out of class, but then I started to actually like taking pictures,” Ninth grader, Trinity Coleman, said 


Coleman is striving to be a free lance photographerShe has been doing photography for a year now and initially started doing it after she had been peer pressured into joining the year book club, during middle school. 


“I was bored that year so I needed to do something,” Coleman said.  


Most of her friends are very supportive of her new found hobby. Coleman explained that a few, after introducing Coleman to the year book, were “jealous” of her sudden skill. The year book instructor had favored Coleman and her apparent skills as a rookie.  


[My friends] make me feel good about what I’m taking and they all want to do what I do so they try to,” Coleman said.  


Coleman’s family is also supportive of her photography. Recently Coleman’s father bought her a new camera to aid in her ventures. She says that they have encouraged her every step of the way. They want her to take pictures of anything and everything to support and help her reach her goals.  


I have what they call ‘the eye’ for photography,” Coleman said.  


Coleman plans to pursue photography as a career. She says that she plans to go to a four year college and have photography as one of her majors.  


I don’t know what I want to minor in or majoring but I know photography is going to be one of them,” Coleman said.  


Coleman’s main subject of photography is animals and landscapes. She usually takes pictures of her dog and their family. Plus, she has taken many pictures of landscapes and building scapes in places her family has visited.  


“My family is super supportivethey really encourage me to take pictures of anything and everything,” Coleman said.  


Coleman is transported to another world when she is taking pictures. She get’s into a “zone” where she cant hear or see anything that is going on around her except for what’s through the lens.  


“It makes me feel like I have a purpose and it makes me feel happy,” Coleman said. 


Coleman takes photo’s because she wants people to be able to see the world. She wants people to see the “beauty” and “wonder” that it can hold.  


If you just see it in a different more beautiful way then that person will understand,” Coleman said.  


Coleman’s photo’s exhibit different techniques and views. They are taken with precision and she will retake each picture until it is to her liking.  


“I remember at a swim meet, she would take a picture, look at it, and decide if it was good enough,” Ninth grader and friend to Coleman, Lucile Leighter, said. “If not she would try again until it was correct.” 


Coleman is going to join the yearbook next year to continue the pursuit of her photography. 


My main subject and photography is to just have fun,” Coleman said. “And take pictures of everything that seems wonderful to me.”       

One of Coleman’s many photos taken on her Canon. (Trinity Coleman)
One of Coleman’s many photos taken on her Canon. (Trinity Coleman)

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