Trainwreck: Amy Schumer was everything but

Trainwreck: Amy Schumer was everything but

Alec Rome, Web Editor

Amy Schumer has always been known to have an edgy and quirky way of delivery, but can also be a brutally funny and profanity-filled type of comedian. Her latest movie, Trainwreck, showed how she can be a bad girl and show real emotion, contrary to the vibe of her comedy routines. Schumer has arrived in the acting world, in what was a star-filled and entertaining film.

For those who are a little more conservative, this movie is not family-oriented. The movie immediately starts out with Schumer going through her failed relationships, including sexual scenes, which for even mature adults would be a little crazy. There was still some comedy, but overall it was a little much to be starting off with sex scenes.

One of the major reasons why this film was so successful and had a feel of legitimacy was the amount of A-list stars. John Cena, a professional wrestler, stood out for his sharp comebacks. A highlight of the film featured Cena and Schumer in a movie theater, talking about their problems while a couple behind them is also watching the movie. The guy yells to Cena, “Hey, Mark Wahlberg, would you quiet down?” Cena, with the quick wit he is known to have on the microphone has a classic reply. “Mark Wahlberg? I look like Mark Wahlberg ate Mark Wahlberg,” Cena said. An absolutely classic line that really helped the movie get out of the awkward “sex scene” stages.

All of Schumer’s troubles, from her job at a magazine to her love life were funny enough in itself, but also the supporting cast of comedians alone helped the movie stay light and laughable. Bill Hader and Vanessa Bayer, SNL cast members, made the film feel less brash compared to Schumer’s normal comedy.

The film also showed that Schumer can actually act, instead of crack jokes and make fun of herself. When her character’s fictional father died, she was able to portray a serious and impacted person, while still keeping the core humorous spirit that makes Schumer the comedian she is.

LeBron James was the real gem of this movie, being Hader’s sidekick throughout the movie. Once again, it was a side of James that not many would expect to be comical. His “side-man” persona, trying to help Hader’s character through his relationship troubles with Schumer, hit its peak during an intervention, featuring Marv Albert, a basketball play-by-play commentator for TNT. His announcing style made the lines he had turn into absolute comedy gold.  The movie had a nice, happy ending with another weird payoff in Schumer and Hader choosing to “make it work.”

The sexual nature of Schumer in this movie detracted from the comedy and high performance from other stars’ and A-list cameos. Dial down the crude comedy a little, and this movie could have been more of a contender for awards and a better product overall. It’s a little much to ask from Schumer, but if she looks to be a comedian who is also remembered for her stellar acting, such as Kevin Hart or Will Ferrell, it will take some time and some sort of her change in her abrasive style.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10