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Makeup evolves past looks, develops sense of self-expression

October 12, 2016

Kendyl Clayton and Mayra Santos, juniors, are two makeup gurus. Both say makeup is a way of expressing one.

Santos has been using makeup since the eighth grade and became fascinated with makeup from Youtube, while watching makeup artists like NIKKIETUTORIALS and Carli Bybel.

Santos said it took her forever to achieve the look she wanted, as she explained. “I wouldn’t say I’m a professional but I know how to make things look the way I feel it should look.”

Santos admires the makeup artist, Patrick Star. “He’s a guy and he sets an example that makeup’s not just for one gender it’s for everybody.”

Makeup allows you to create any look you desire and as such makeup brands are expanding and increasing popularity. “You can do so much with makeup and have a different style every day,” Clayton said.

Clayton has been using makeup since the seventh grade, but really got into makeup her freshman year, when he was inspired to try out more makeup from her older sister, McKenzie and Youtube tutorials as well as Santos.

“I actually got good at makeup and got a routine down in tenth grade,” Clayton said.

Clayton really decided what she was looking for the longer she practiced with makeup. “Makeup makes me feel not so basic, I have a little bit more going on, or use makeup to make my outfit look more interesting.”

“Makeup makes me feel confident but not like in an insecure way, it makes me feel good,” Santos said. Makeup this day in age is used more to feel good about yourself personally not to hide insecurities, she added.

Clayton’s most satisfying part of doing makeup is her eyebrows, with her favorite piece of makeup being full coverage NARS foundation.

Highlighting is Santos’ favorite part about doing her makeup, that is applying either a powder or liquid glitter to the high points of your face, such as cheekbones, chin and the tip of your nose.

Santos’ favorite piece of makeup is fake eyelashes and she wears Vegas Nay lashes in the style grand glamour.

Clayton had struggled with acne before she started using makeup, as she said, “Makeup has helped me get over insecurities.” Now Clayton is no longer insecure of herself and she uses makeup to also feel good about herself.

Clayton’s opinion on why make is so popular this day in age is because “social media has made makeup seem like its necessary,” Clayton feels makeup should be “used just to add on” and enhance yourself.

Eyebrow perfection are one of today’s biggest trend, with shaping and filling in. “Eyebrows are everything,” both Santos and Mayra said. Eyebrows are highly prioritized by today’s young generation. “Eyebrows are kind of the first thing you look at, it’s something in our society that’s become a big deal,” Clayton said.

Santos still struggles perfecting her eyebrows. “It’s a process to get my eyebrows done.” Santos says that eyebrows are pretty important because they frame the face.

Clayton’s biggest struggle with makeup is getting it to last all day. An amazing setting spray used by top notch makeup artists is the Urban Decay All Nighter.

When it comes to living without makeup, Santos could not live without mascara. “I could not have makeup on, but I have to have mascara,” she said. Clayton could not live without her Rimmel eyebrow pencil, eyeliner and mascara.

Santos has made new friends exploring the world makeup. She’s able to relate to others who love makeup. “Makeup is something I do for fun,” Both plan on using their hobby in the future. Santos thinks makeup will benefit her in the future by becoming a makeup artist.

Clayton believes makeup will benefit her future by boosting her creativity in art. “I’m really into art I can expand on makeup art wise.”

When it comes to recommending makeup to others the girls are on completely different standpoints. “Just do you. If you wanna cake your face then do it,” Santos said.

Clayton’s opinion is, “don’t use makeup to completely change how you look, try to use it to add just a little pizazz to your face.” Take

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