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Local haunted house Ranch of Terror disappoints

October 6, 2016

Papillion’s Ranch of Terror disappoints on many levels. From the unrealistic acting to the unoriginal settings. A lot of the settings they chose are common to other haunted houses, such as a psychedelic tunnel, a creepy room where someone with bad face painting sits in and a bunch of tombstones sitting outside.

It was definitely really unorganized in the sense that actors seemed jumbled on what to do. There seemed to be a lot of inexperienced people which made the feeling of being scared not even scarcely appear. One thing they did not lack, however, was pop ups. All of which were expected.

The moment I entered the Ranch of Terror, a TV with someone that looks like Jigsaw from Saw began talking about how dangerous and scary the haunted house will be. Then after the TV shut off, a man with a weird black BDSM suit ran at me, which honestly was the scariest part of the haunted house. The actors screamed a lot which I believe almost caused me to go deaf in one ear, since after I left I had a distant ringing go on for at least 30 minutes. They also got awkwardly close to the point where I could literally feel them breathing on me.

At the end of the haunted house, there was a farm (hence the name “Ranch of Terror”). Zombies were just walking around, and once they saw someone, that was it. Zombies aren’t supposed to run fast, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone get chased down that quick.

I noticed that some actors weren’t even doing their job and just sat and had conversations with other actors, not even acknowledging the people that paid to go through such a wreck of a haunted house.

The haunted house and the after part of the haunted house in all took about 20-25 minutes of my life away from me. A lot of improving and updating can be done on the haunted house, and actors need more training. I rank the Ranch of Terror at a 2.

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