Art portrays emotion, a good outlet for some

October 6, 2016

Art is a window into the soul and mind. Different artists like to send messages through their art. Those messages can be ones of happiness or of frustration, and every person who sees the artwork has their own interpretation. For me, art is very calming. I get to see other peoples’ masterpieces while being inspired to make my own. Various types of art portray different emotions. Photography lets us see the world around us in a new and fascinating perspective. A painting can give the viewer a scene of a fictional world or one from the place they’re in now.

My favorite artist is an older man by the name of Leonid Afremov. He uses a palette knife to paint images of people and places around the world, like a gorgeous painting of the Eiffel Tower, or a masterpiece of Louis Armstrong playing his trumpet. Afremov takes real people and places and transforms them to a world of color. His pieces can go for thousands of dollars. I look at his paintings and I can see the little sparks of color that inspire me in the real world.

Another form of art that I enjoy is photography. First, pressing the button to take a picture makes a cool sound. Second, a photo is the world around us. Even with different perspectives and different lenses, the basic part of the photo will always be the same, no matter how much it is edited. A picture of the sky will always be a picture of the sky, but the editing could possibly make it pink. The photography is a really just another way of seeing what’s around us.

Pottery is yet another type of art. I am taking a pottery class right now here at Central. Playing around with the clay is a very satisfying thing to do, especially for someone who needs to keep their hands moving like me. The history of pottery is also very long. It dates back to ancient China, when the potters were making cups for tea. There are so many different ways to make pottery, all of them unique in their own way. There’s wheel throwing on the potter’s wheel, which I find the most fun. It’s fun to get your hands dirty and make something out of almost nothing.

Although I have only talked about the visual arts, the performing arts are just as enrapturing. Music, as an example, takes me to another world; it helps me escape from everything that’s going on around me. My favorite band is One Republic, and my favorite musical artist is an Israeli singer named Liran Danino. I don’t even remember how I found out about him, but I’m very glad I did. His voice is smooth and it can put you right to sleep. There might be good songs on the radio, but the best are hidden away, waiting for you to find them. All art is hiding, waiting to be found.

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