Exterior of building to be cleaned throughout school year

November 10, 2016

Many different pieces of machinery and work crews can be outside Central High School as it goes under cleaning of the outside of the building. This cleaning started at the beginning of the school year and is still currently going on. The goal of the cleaning is to restore some of the natural coloration and features of the building.

Central’s current building, which was built in 1912, is still being used and is ready to be cleaned. This cleaning is removing dirt and wear that was building on the outside of the building. Since the start of the cleaning it is possible to see a difference of how the building used to look and what it looks like now. The building is being cleaned in a very unique way, using glass. Glass particles are being blown onto the building in order to remove some of the dirt and visible wear on the building. This method is different from traditional ways because it is less difficult on the building. This means the current building of Central is being better persevered using this method over a traditional method, because it applies less direct pressure and harm to the building itself.

As of now most of the cleaning is happening on the one-side of the building near where the buses are. On this side of the building many different pieces of machinery, and workers can be seen cleaning the building on a daily basis. There is also visible glass and dirt particles that can be seen on the ground while walking in and out of the building.

It is already possible to see the difference that the cleaning has made for the building. If a person were to look at the one side of the building they would be able to see the difference between the right and left sides. The right side, which has been cleaned, has a lighter coloring to it and many more of the details in the sides of the buildings are visible. On the other hand, the left side, which has not been cleaned, is much darker and the details on the sides of the building are not able to be seen.

The building was ready for a cleaning. The normally light grey color of the stone was starting to grow darker and take more of a brown tint from wear the building faced over the years. It was also becoming difficult to make out some of the detailed work which had been carved into to the walls of the buildings.The building will look much better once it has been cleaned. The color will return to the traditional light grey color of stone. The details in the carvings of the building will be able to be seen much easier. The cleaning of the building will restore the look of the building to its original glory.img_2328Lily Gilliland
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