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Golf Coach Likes Working with Both Teams

October 6, 2017


The girls golf season is in full swing right now and, coach Brent Larson is just beginning his golf coaching duties this school year. He has the unique opportunity of being able to coach both boys and girls golf teams. Girls in the fall and boys in the spring.

“It’s a lot of fun, weather is always nice, I like it,” Larson said. He has been the golf coach for a some time at Central. The golf teams had some success as well. In each of the last two years, a Central golfer has made it to the state tournament. The girls have already won multiple tournaments this season as well.

The girls started this year in early August. Practices typically consist of going to the driving range, playing some holes, and practicing putting on the putting green. Tournaments for the girls started in late August, and conclude in early October.

For the boys, they begin practicing in late February. Practice is structured essentially the same way, going to the range, practicing on the practice green, and playing a few holes. Tournaments for the boys start in late March and conclude in early May.

Some tournaments are scrambles, which is essentially best ball. That structure is when everyone on a team hits their tee shots, the team selects the best ball to use, and all three hit their second from where the designated ball lies. That rotation continues until a ball goes in the hole. Central also participates in regular stroke play events as well.

Every day after school, practice is held at Shoreline Golf Course. At times, the teams also go to Steve Hogan for practice as well. Larson said is favorite part is, “It is a game I have always loved to do, love to play”, Larson also said, “I have been playing the game sense I was nine.”

Another part of the experience that Larson likes is the fact that he enjoys spending time with his students. He enjoys watching “others as they are continuing to grow” in the game. Larson said, “The group I have been able to work with for both the girls and the boys, outstanding kids, it has been a lot of fun to spend time with them.”

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