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Two seniors form new club for future health professionals

October 9, 2017

The Central High Chapter of HOSA- Future Health Professionals conducted its first ever meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 6.

Seniors Allison Zetterman and Madison Badje have recently formed the Central High HOSA Chapter with the assistance of sponsors Mr. John Morley and Ms. Tracy Rumbaugh.

Zetterman, an aspiring pediatrician, was involved with the University of Nebraska Medical Center’s HOSA chapter last year, and even competed in the organization’s health-science related competition on a national level. Badje, respectively, is an aspiring genetic counselor who has also been affiliated with HOSA through a conference that she and Zetterman attended during their sophomore year.

According to Badje, she and Zetterman decided to form a HOSA chapter because “a lot of people want to go into the medical field… HOSA will allow a lot of people to understand what is involved in health care…”

Although Central’s HOSA chapter is still emerging, its co-presidents have already expressed a few potential goals that they would like to accomplish. Zetterman stated that she would like to see “[people] enjoy it, and just get [HOSA] upstarted so it can continue next year and the years following.” Badje added that they would “also like to see it become as successful as other career-related clubs,” such as DECA and Future Business Leaders of America. In their opinion, these are definitely plausible goals.

According to both students, Central High could undoubtedly benefit from having its own HOSA chapter. Zetterman said that the organization “introduces the student body to what the medical field entails.” Badje agreed, saying that HOSA is a significant addition to Central’s long list of extracurricular activities because it “helps you find out what you want to do in your future while also interacting with your peers and enjoying the rest of your high school experience.”

Zetterman and Badje also concur that HOSA also offers various advantages for its participants. For example, Zetterman stated that “it offers a lot of leadership skills and social skills, especially because some of the competitions have prepared speaking… so it does provide life skills and introduces you to what the medical field entails.” Badje added that “a lot of people say that they want to be in some field of health care, but then they find out [in HOSA] ‘Maybe I don’t want to do this, maybe I want to do something else…’ so it introduces you before [you go] to medical school, so you can decide if medicine is something you want to pursue.”

Participation in HOSA could also provide increased health awareness, which, according to Badje and Zetterman, is a concern, especially in high schools. Zetterman remarked that “…kids think they know of health care from doctor’s appointments or TV shows… They’re like, ‘Oh! I know I can be a doctor, I’ve seen Grey’s Anatomy.’ HOSA shows the reality and the community aspects in helping people; it’s not a drama TV show, it’s a real-life perspective.”

HOSA also increases health awareness through charity endeavors as well. Badje mentioned that members contribute to fun events such as marathons and other charity fundraisers that direct public attention towards curing diseases. Zetterman is even putting together a team for a Light the Night Leukemia event that will be taking place in October to generate funds towards curing leukemia.

Badje and Zetterman are looking forward to the future of the Central High HOSA Chapter, and firmly believe in the significance of health awareness and the impact that HOSA has on aspiring medical professionals.

HOSA is an international student organization that advocates career opportunities in the health care industry. It was conceived in 1975, and is now recognized by the Federal Department of Education. The main goals of HOSA are to promote career opportunities in health care, help students develop an understanding of the health care industry, and support Health Science Education.

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