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Autumn athlete exceeds in golf

October 9, 2017

Every year, a handful of exchange students from all over the world come to Central. The students try to become as involved as possible so that they can experience as much as the school has to offer, and with a school as big as Central, there is a ton of sports and clubs to participate in.

Senior Elisa Gambara is an exchange student from Italy. Her older brother came to Central nine years prior to her, and he had an amazing time. She is staying with the same host family that housed him, even though they don’t have any children of their own who go to Central.

To fill her time during her one year stay in Omaha, she decided to join the golf team. However, the Central golf team is different than her golf team in Italy. Rather than golfing as an extra-curricular school activity, it is played on students own time.

“We don’t really have a team [in Italy] from school, but we have a team outside of school,” Gambara said. “You just represent your country with other people. You don’t represent your school but you rather your course or your tournament,” she said.

Elisa has played golf for five years now. And though she enjoys playing golf in Italy as well, she prefers playing for a school team.

“I really like everything,” Gambara said. “The people are nice, the course is amazing and the coach is really nice.”

The golf season lasts until October 10, and so far the season has been going well. Both individually and as a team, the girl’s golf team has been playing their best. But Gambara still thinks there is room for improvement in her own game, stating that she thinks she could “do better”.

But Gambara isn’t spending all of her Central time golfing. She also has decided to take on a sport for each season, including swimming for the winter and track for the spring.

“I’m not that good at swimming,” Gambara said with a laugh. But nonetheless, she decided to take on the sport to fill her time. “Track is my favorite,” she states.

Gambara is enjoying her time at Central so far. The school size is something different than what she is used to, though.

“It’s [Central] really different. Central is really big, I’ve never seen a school like this. I get lost every day,” she stated. Coming to Central from her small school in Italy is an adjustment.

Hopefully Gambara continues to enjoy her experience at Central. As she is keeping herself time filled with track, swimming and golf, she will definitely stay busy and gain the full eagle experience.

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