Conor McGregor: What now?

The self-proclaimed "Notorious One" has some soul-searching to do after losing in a superfight.

October 9, 2017

The nine-figure superfight is finally over. After all of the expletive-laden press conferences, documentary filming by Showtime and the discussions on Twitter about who will win, we finally have all of the answers.

Check that, we have most of the answers.

Anyone that watched the spectacle on pay-per-view (or illegally like I did, I expect the feds to come arrest me at any time) knows that Conor McGregor ran out of steam and lost by technical knockout to the undefeated Floyd “Money” Mayweather. McGregor showed good potential through the first four rounds, but any intelligent fan could tell what was really happening.

Mayweather was playing “rope-a-dope” until the MMA superstar punched himself out. He then proceeded to pick him apart until a referee thought McGregor could no longer defend himself.

The self-proclaimed “best boxer ever” ran off into the sunset of retirement (or so we think until another smart investment presents itself). What about the Notorious One?

His above average showing for a debut showed promise for a future in boxing, but that is a small amount of promise. He is much better off returning to his own “squared circle” of the octagon. McGregor still retains his two UFC division titles, yet his next challenger has been completely shrouded in mystery by the preceding media circus.

There were also some rumors that it would be a good time for McGregor to retire, but that is far from the truth. At only 29 years old, it would be highly unlikely that he quits the fight game right now. His personal record payday will certainly change the landscape of the UFC and might put more pressure on commissioner Dana White to give more money to his main event fighters.

It would be hard to judge McGregor’s skill level at this moment in time based off a boxing match where he almost got points taken away for throwing hammerfists. He is still at the top of the MMA world and it will take a skilled fighter to take that throne and his two titles away from him.\

For now, he’ll continue to train and continue to say things in poor taste.


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