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“American Dream”

October 11, 2017

My parents came here for the American dream but as of lately it feels like a nightmare. On September 5, 2017 immigrants/dreamers could no longer file for DACA due to Trumps Administration ending. DACA is Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals which lets eligible immigrants under the age of 31 who arrived to the United States before they were 16 to be able to work and get a higher education legally.

It is clear how a certain group of people were targeted when planned to end DACA. Ending DACA is only having a negative effect on the United States. Over half a trillion dollars would be lost in the economy from removing all those workers. There is no clear motive except tormenting people and Trump showing superiority over immigrants. Trump Administration is having their jobs taking away would and leaving about 800,000 unemployed DACA recipients. All of the chaos that is being endured is only adding on to all the problems Trump has caused.

Personally, from my point of view the decision from Trumps Administration has only caused my loved ones to be in even more distress than before. The fear of being deported and going back to a country that they know nothing about and having to adjust to that lifestyle is heartbreaking. The United States is their home and is all they know and all they have ever known and to be forcefully thrown out because of a decision their parents made when they couldn’t even talk. Kids are labeled as criminals before they could even walk. They look forward to being able to become a dreamer or DACA recipient so they could pursue so much more in their life and prove to their parents that sacrificing everything to come to the United States was worth it.

A lot of people are hurting from the decision the Trump Administration made. Although the decision is just another challenge in the road. This misfortunate even will not define the immigrants and divide us it will only bring them closer together. They will continue to challenge barriers ahead of them. There is no stopping them, they are indestructible and built this country on their backs. They are the spine and without them this country will crash down. They are the future and there is no stopping the future.




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