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Top 3 Rappers from Omaha to Check Out

November 10, 2017

Omaha is growing city that includes a thriving music scene. Omaha has a various artist who are trying to make a name for themselves and express their love for music. More specifically the genre of hip-hop/rap that has many artists that have talent and are worthy of mentioning.

1. Tavares Rex’
Kaiden Tavares Pauba, a 17 -year- old who is currently a Central High School senior creates music that anyone can vibe to. He wants to make people‚Äôs favorite songs. Rex started making music just for fun, he would always be bored then just started freestyling. He would make music in his free time. Growing up, he listened to a lot of 90’s hip hop artists. In terms of his sound he draws more influences from Andre 3000, Chance the Rapper, and Kid Cudi. One could listen to some of Tavares Rex upbeat and fun music at

2. Lil Ruq Reloading
Brandell Braimah is a 18 year old who started making music as a fun hobby. Brandell made music to get his name out there and for people to listen to his music. Ruq’s style of music could be described as original. He gains his influences from Chief Keef, Lil B, Lil Wayne and more importantly his older brother. Ruq sees himself as role model, the person in his life he could depend the most on. He hopes to achieve respect and admiration from the underground music scene and work his way up to a larger platform like XXl magazine. Some advice Ruq would like to give to other artist would be to keep extremely positive and you will shine like a star. You can give a listen to his music at

3. Just-Us
Justus Henderson a 19-year-old Omaha central Alumni Who Goes by Just-Us is a rapper, musician and DJ. Justus first started getting into music around the age 7 when he started taking private piano lessons at the Omaha Conservatory of Music, he did that from about 9 years. Then he got into producing, He already knew how to produce music a somewhat from garage band a digital audio workstation. He would use garage band during his free time then later started rapping because he wanted a voice on his tracks so he just started doing more and more. Justus current music influences are Trippe Red, A Boogie Wit Da hoodie and Muse. ” They all have great music and their production is always son point” stated Justus. His role models would have to be his parents because they taught him to keep pushing and his grandfather because he helped a lot with his music. One-day Justus hopes his music is heard by the world, he’s not trying to be famous but just known. Advice for other artist would be to not give up, the music industry is difficult but with the right connects and moves you’ll be set. You can hear some of Justus songs at





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