The dangers of Berniecrats

Malcolm Durfee-O'Brien

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Bernie Sanders is an inoffensive and experienced man who is respectable and in some ways, admirable and endearing for his naïve political ideas. His Fire-Eater supporters who still follow and worship him well after he failed to obtain the Democratic nomination do not share Sanders’ charm, all they share is his naivety, and even that is tainted by their toxic, irritating, righteous, holier than thou personality that really makes it hard to listen to or respect a word that comes out of their mouths.
Bernie Sanders does not dislike and is not opposed to capitalism, he sees it as a way to promote freedom, what Sanders has a problem with is Laissez-Faire capitalism. This opposition to Laissez-Faire capitalism has led his supporters to adopt more radical ideologies than the ones preached by Sanders. Specifically, many Sanders supporters have become Communist and vocalize their ideology through their iPhones on Twitter while sitting on a couch, eating oreos, you know all the things a Communist would do.
The combination of terrible attitudes and extremist ideologies of these new “Berniecrats” has begun creating a potent and dangerous atmosphere within the Democratic Party that praises extremism and punishes moderates, in essence the Democrats have begun walking down the path of the Republican Party and could kill any and all of the Party’s remaining appeal. This faction has begun new political organizations, such as the Justice Democrats, a group whose sole goal is to replace Centrist or as they brand them “Corporatist” Democrats with Left-Wing, activist Democrats who would probably lose badly in a general election because they isolate such an enormous portion of the electorate. This brand of Berniecrat could destroy the Democratic Party and could hand Donald Trump the victories he craves so bad, all he needs to do is point to the Berniecrats and call them “crazy” and call the Democratic Party “crazy” for supporting such candidates.
In short, Bernie Sanders has unwillingly and unwittingly handed legitimate power to truly dangerous extremists, similar to what Sarah Palin did to the Tea Party movement and may very well kill the last bastion for centrism in the country, the Democratic Party.