Lizbeth Hermosillo-Najar, Staff writer

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The holidays are here, and it seems like everyone is broke. Buying gifts can be difficult when you’re on a budget. So, here’s a list of things of things you can buy for just about anyone.
1. Fuzzy Socks
When the holidays arrived, it seems like your bank account amount dropped and so did the temperature outside. To battle the cold feet some fuzzy socks are recommended. These socks can range anywhere $5-$15. There’s different colors, sizes and designs, go crazy and buy some festive socks. These fuzzy socks can be found virtually at any store like Walmart and Target.
2. Cute Mug
When a person is feeling under the weather a nice cup of hot cocoa would always hit the spot but imagine it with a cute mug to go along with it. Who doesn’t love a colorful mug with an adorable picture on it. A mug can be a nice reminder of a loved one or a friend that can be used all year around. You can buy a mug anywhere from $2-15 depending how bougie you want to be.
3. Coloring books
No one wants to be constantly reminded how old they are getting, as another year passes around the holidays a normal person can’t help but feel old. So, you can add a coloring book on the list and feel like a kid again while coloring. There are tons of different options of coloring books out in the market for all ages. You can buy a coloring book for $5-10.
4.Bath bombs
With the holidays there comes a certain stress that manages to take over your life and makes shopping for everyone much more difficult. To reward all your hard work treat yourself to bath bomb to destress. There’s so many different scents and different benefits to buying a bath bomb. Bath bombs can be bought at a starting price of five to $20.
5. Holiday blanket
A normal person gets cold, but a smart person would buy a blanket. Blankets can possibly save a person from hyperthermia. Don’t be that person that doesn’t buy someone else a cozy blanket. Splurge and buy a blanket that cost anywhere from $15-20.