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Math Competition

December 21, 2017

Math Competition 

Every person has a subject in school that they enjoy more than the rest. For some that subject is math and for those who are interested in math are able to partake in the math club at Central High. Many of them even get to travel down to Lincoln, Nebraska to compete against schools throughout the state. This event is a daylong event where students get to use the math skills practiced in and out of class to their best ability to try and beat every other competitor.  

Some ways that students like to practice and get prepared for competitions is getting together with other classmates to study and get over difficult problems as a team. Along with having new members each year comes with having to learn how each person works. It is important that group work happens because one needs to learn and value how other people work. Also, getting together before competitions to practice gets concepts freshly in one’s mind, ” I enjoy having the freedom of learning any way you want” said Paul Koesters. Also, each day in math club it is preparation for the competition because nobody knows who will participate well and who will not.  

The math competition in Lincoln consists of multiple sections. Each person took an individual 60-minute test and the top tier then would complete another test to receive medals and honors. “During the 60-minute test each competitor shows off the skills they have practiced over the course of the year” said Paul Koesters. This also shows teamwork skills and how well one can work with others while still competing efficiently. Multiple people who had acceding scores received awards such as Tomo Beesho and Caleb Pescha. Following the individual test was a team round which consisted of each school choosing contestants to compete and represent the school. 

Following the competition, the students used all their knowledge to his or her ability to their full potential whether one came home with an award or not many still learned lots from other students all over the state. The math competition provides a chance for students to grow from learning and participating against the best math competitors in the state. It also will always provide students to get ready for the following year to come back better and compete better than other individuals. 

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