Ms Pub

December 21, 2017

Ms Pub 

On Saturday, Jan 9, 2016, a fire destroyed the historic building on the corner of 11th and Howard in the Old Market streets. Since then the restaurant has done everything it possible to remake M’s better than ever. After a long-fought year of work the building was restored back to excellent condition. Many did not believe the Pub would not be coming back little less in the exact same spot it was before. With the new and improved renovations to the Pub it has added more modern attractions for customers who come in.  

M’s pub has been part of the old market and its culture for 40+ years and has provided reliable food with quality service for all those years. After the building itself was unexpectedly burned down fire fighters and other class act citizens worked with M’s and the workers to clean up and restore the building as much as possible. Many believed the building itself would not be restored after the damages done following the fire. Even with the set back of burning down the new renovations have combined a balance of old tradition with modern twists that bring in an even wider variety of people.  

The atmosphere that surrounds M’s pub is a very elegant with unique qualities surrounded by a traditional building right by the heart of the old market. Although, the restaurant found a way to add in small but noticeably modern things such as repainted walls with updated features around the Pub that provides a good eating environment for anyone who goes and seasonal changes that will intrigue customers to return each time. Another perk that the restaurant provides is that it is both suitable for a family gathering, a business gathering, or just a last-minute bite to eat. 

This restaurant is not the average sports pub, but it follows a more European pub that fits in with the old market environment around it. The service was outstanding as I was greeted right after walking through the doors. Each server was prepared for orders and did not slack when it came to making sure my meal was as great as everyone else’s. Another plus to the new renovations is having the opportunity to make the restaurant to one’s liking. So overall, the fire to the building brought many setbacks at first but improved many things to make it better.  

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