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Swim team gains a dedicated fan, a source of motivation

February 23, 2018

When winter sports come to mind, basketball and wrestling are typically the first ones to come to mind. But Bryn Hansen is giving recognition to one of the lesser-known winter sports, swimming.

“I’ve been to all of the swim meets except three,” Hansen said.

With over twenty events each meet, they go on for hours. But Hansen goes to support her friends in addition to her genuine enjoyment from watching them compete.

“I actually enjoy watching it,” Hansen said. “A lot of people will say like ‘how do you do it? Swim meets are so boring’ but I actually enjoy watching the meets.”

This type of dedication to supporting the swim team is typically only shown by relatives of swimmers, which makes Hansen a rarity. But her support is not unrecognized.

“It’s kind of fun to see someone that is not related to a swimmer or a parent of a swimmer show up,” varsity swim coach Kristoff Berzins said. “She just randomly showed up at the first meet.”

But Hansen’s not arrival does not go unnoticed by the swimmers in the pool. With her present, the swimmers tend to swim slightly quicker.

“I think that they like having someone to show off for,” Berzins said. “It really motivates them.”

This encouragement is reflected in the swim team’s exceptional success this year. The boys’ won one invite at Lewis Central, with the girls coming in third place.

Additionally, many swimmers are expected to swim at state. Christina Spomer, a freshman on the team, received an automatic qualification. Many are expected to qualify at the Metro Conference Meet.

But when swimmers to not perform their best, Hansen is a beacon of light to bring positivity to the swimmers.

“I think from their parents and coaches they receive a lot of criticism, and I try to be a more positive voice for them,” Hansen said.

With countless other events happening this time of year, swimming is consistently overlooked by the student body.

“At this time of the year, I think everyone’s into basketball,” Hansen said. “Swimming just isn’t talked about.”

But Hansen’s impact on the team is not overlooked by the coaches of the swim team.

“I always joke with the team that we finally have our first fan,” Berzins said. “

While the swim team hopes for a bigger fan base in the future, they are to have some form of fan base.

“I hope [that more start coming],” Berzins said.” I know Bryn will be there.”

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