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Gerda’s Bakery impresses with German baked goods

February 25, 2018

When walking into Gerda’s Bakery, one is immediately met with the sight of delicious-looking pastries, cakes, and other desserts. After a person is directed to a table, other things begin coming into view, the mural painted on one of the walls, the flags hanging on the ceiling, and other such things to represent the German ethnicity of this restaurant. 

While the menu is not large, a person is met with both classic German meals, and other more Americanized dishes, such as pulled pork sandwiches. Someone looking to try a German classic, would easily be able to find a meal they would enjoy, and those not wanting to try something new can enjoy some American classics. The food is good, but it is not great. Overall, it is not a place one would say they would never go to again, however it also does not become the top of the list of places to eat at again. 

However, after the meal is the truly amazing part. The German bakery is filled with wonderful treats such as cream horns, doughnuts, cakes, apple and cherry turnovers, along with many others. The pastry has the perfect flake and melts in one’s mouth, and the doughnuts are light and airy. 

The bakery, known for its wedding cakes, displays beautifully decorated cakes on the counters. Some of the cakes feature elaborate, time consuming designs, while others sport simple, elegant decorations. The cakes sitting on the counters show the bakery’s ability to make and decorate deserts for important occasions, which are both delicious and beautiful. 

The bakery also makes a large variety of other desserts, including pastry items, cookies, and doughnuts. These desserts are easily some of the best desserts in the Omaha area, and are perfect for trying new treats, or eating a favorite. The bakery offers several different versions of doughnuts, and many different types of pastry-based desserts, such as apple turn overs, cream horns, apple strudels and eclairs. 

While Gerda’s may not be the best place to go for lunch or dinner, the bakery items it sells are among the best. This is not the restaurant for anyone who is trying to avoid sweets. While someone may not want to go to Gerda’s Bakery for a main meal, it is worth going to, to try some of the amazing dessert and bakery items.  

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