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Black Panther lives up to expectations, best Marvel movie yet

February 26, 2018

Within the fictional realm of Black Panther’s Wakanda and the intertwined scenes of international famous cities, Black Panther has made its mark on the world and earned itself a top rank in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe.
Black Panther tells the story of T’Challa and his kingdom, Wakanda. Located in Africa, Wakanda is the greatest place on Earth. Untouched by colonialism and possessing the most powerful metal, Wakanda is full of strong women and an even better hierarchy. In the movie, Wakanda was underlyingly compared to other nations that don’t stand a chance. It possesses technology beyond the small minds of first-world nations. With the help of Princess Shuri, Wakanda is able to heal bullet wounds in one day and Black Panther can ride on top of cars in Asia through a hologram back home.
Essentially, Black Panther is the movie everyone has been waiting for without realizing it. From the cinematography to the several messages instituted to pick a stance in the world’s current political climate. To the acting, Black Panther was executed in a way where people will talk about it for years to come. The overwhelming part, though, is it is a movie for everyone. Children can watch it, specifically black children and see themselves represented on a screen where most of the time superheroes are white. Representation plays a huge piece in how Black Panther will be perceived. Children will see the superhero aspects, but not quite grasp the meaning of colonialization, institutionalized racism and political statements. Adults can watch Black Panther and truly appreciate the fact Black people are finally being represented and included in a diverse way. They can absorb the greatness that is Black Panther.
The cast of Black Panther made the film what it was. Chadwick Boseman added an essence to his character T’Challa and Black Panther that entranced the audience through and through. Lupita N’yongo portrayed her character Nakia with nothing but grace, fearlessness and ferocity. Danai Gurira, also known as Okoye, was a brave, strong soldier who fought alongside the king and is furiously dedicated to Wakanda. Letetia Wright played Shuri and added comedic relief to Black Panther. 16-year-old Shuri is what keeps Wakanda modern and fresh. Her technological mind beats Tony Stark by a thousand light years. One cannot speak of powerful women in the film without mentioning Angela Bassett as Queen Ramonda.
Her power spreads throughout Wakanda. She is respected as the Queen she is. But the villain takes the crown in Black Panther. Michael B. Jordan as Erik Kilmonger takes the reign for best villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His veracious mindset to avenge Wakanda for his father and Black people all around the world is relatable and almost heroic. He spends his entire life killing, working the courage to enter Wakanda and being the social justice warrior, he is.
Special mentions to Sterling K. Brown, Daniel Kaluuya, Forest Whitaker, Andy Serkis and Martin Freeman. The actors make the words they are saying believable and entices the crowd so much it’s like everyone is in the movie. The entire cast helped create another level that Black Panther currently resides on. It’s a film one must see in their lifetime, not only once, but a few times to grasp every concept in the movie.
Black Panther is full of strong women, women in leadership roles, women who don’t need men to get accomplish their goals and dreams. To see Black women being represented in a way they have not before is something to cherish. There is Shuri who is a young Black girl who is avidly interested in science. There is Okoye who is warrior who is willing to do anything for her country. There is Nakia, the humanitarian who wants to share Wakanda’s assets with the rest of Africa. There is Queen Ramonda who has served alongside her late husband to modernize Wakanda. Wakanda’s army is full of black women, who exist to protect T’Challa. Not as eye candy. Not as property. T’Challa appreciates the input of the women in his life and recognizes he could not reach his full potential without them.
The impact of Black Panther will be found for years to come. Its release came at the perfect time. The visual aspects paired with the messages were astonishingly amazing.
Black Panther is the most breathtaking movie the comic universe has ever seen. The beautifully crafted masterpiece displays the importance of African heritage and inherent Black culture in film. Director Ryan Coogler may not have caught the world’s attention with Fruitvale Station and Creed, but he is sure to get the credit he deserves this time. What Black Panther has done for Black people worldwide is not lost on one, the box office and two, the people’s minds. Black Panther is full-blown 10/10.

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