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New Approach With a New Coach

March 2, 2018

After a disappointing season and the firing of their head coach, the football team and the staff once again opened the application process for a new leader of the team. After consideration of candidates from within and outside of the school, Jay Landstrom was chosen as the new head coach. “I’ve always wanted to be a head coach and I never knew if I would have the opportunity to be the head coach here… I’m very excited” Landstrom said.
The team will be working to move forward from this season in which they lost every game. Many of the team members were discouraged by these losses, yet a change in leadership will alter the style and direction of the team. “We want to be really positive and enthusiastic and we want to be great teammates” Landstrom said. Although an abundance of seniors will be graduating this year, Landstrom hopes to continue the strength of the team and regain the previous football reputation of “Champ high”.
A few people were able to look over the applications including Mr. Dillon. “I just had myself and two others on the panel from our staff at school to do the interviews,” Dillon said, “I think he’s got a really good plan in place and he’s got a really positive vibe”. As a previous special team’s coordinator, Landstrom is used to focusing on specific aspects of the team, but now he will be working on it as a whole. “It seemed like he was really prepared… to fix things and make adjustments with the program” Dillon said.
Landstrom has always been in the background of the team’s operations, but he is finally getting his chance to step into the spotlight. He hopes to make a comeback and the committee to decide the new head coach worked to ensure that the same problems from this year wouldn’t occur in the future, “I really had to look at the process,” Dillon said, “one of the things I did for myself is I went to an athletic director’s clinic”. An informed decision was made to hire Landstrom who hopes to “bring a team who represents central high, not only the community, but who the students and the faculty can get behind.”

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