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Brenden Andersen’s Signing

March 2, 2018

In order to pursue his passion for baseball and criminal justice, Brenden Andersen signed his commitment to Garden City Community College along with the four other seniors who paved their paths on signing day. Andersen has been a baseball player for most of his life, starting as a four-year-old. Over these years, Andersen has stayed passionate for the sport. As a child he played for clubs such as Suburban and Keystone little league and has advanced his skill from there. Andersen has always thought of continuing his enthusiastic spirit for baseball in college and is getting closer to the time when he can finally take the skills that he has learned away from home and apply them in the college level of baseball.
Coming to Central has also been an influence in his dream to follow baseball. The coaching staff here have taught Andersen and helped him grow as an athlete throughout his years of high school. “Some of the coaches here have really inspired me, especially Coach Williams” Andersen said. The baseball coaching staff at central has taught Andersen skills that he can apply in his upcoming journey.
Although he has enjoyed his time here, he is looking forward to his future at “GCCC” in Kansas, “I’m so excited to leave and to be out on my own” Andersen said. Being a baseball player throughout his life has formed Andersen’s character and helped him become who he is today. “I think baseball teaches you a lot about discipline” Andersen said, “it’s just a better way to live your life.”
From little league to playing in college, Andersen knows that baseball is something he is committed to. Through signing day, he solidified that commitment to Garden City. “It’s a really good baseball school and they have one of the best criminal justice programs” Andersen said. It was easy for Andersen to make the decision to play baseball in college after being in love with the sport for as long as he can remember and he decided that Garden City is where he wants to pursue that interest, “I just found a passion for it,” Andersen said, “I want to keep playing for as long as I can”.

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