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Top 5 Mexican owned restaurants in the O 

March 20, 2018

El Chavo
Taqueria El Chavo was named after a famous Mexican tv sitcom El Chavo Del Ocho. Paying homage this restaurant serves delicious Mexican food from tacos to tamales. They have various drinks to satisfy ones needs. Conveniently everything is served at a low cost.
2. La Michoacana
La Michoacana Neveria Y Paleteria is notorious for its various ice creams and frozen yogurts. They serve many Mexican desserts as well as tacos and tortas. The colorful atmosphere brings people from everywhere to La Michocana. There’s something for everyone to enjoy.
4. El Catrin
El Pollo Catrin restaurant’s specialty is chicken. Along with chicken they serve other Mexican gourmet dishes. This restaurant makes you feel at home with the great service and décor of the restaurant.
4. El Dorado
Various sea food platters as well as Mexican favorites are served at El dorado. You can also book a mariachi while you are there to entertain yourself while eating. You can get a taste of fresh seafood and handmade tortillas on huge platters. The restaurant is a fun restaurant to dine in at.
5.Churro Spot
The Churro Spot is infamous for their churros, tacos and elotes. They do have a churro truck when the restaraunt is closed and traveling. They are available to book for special events. Thye have gourmet churros such as apple and raspberry. There’s something available for everyone.

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