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Transracial isn’t a real thing 

March 20, 2018

Transracial isn’t a real thing
Transracial (identity) in the dictionary is described as across or racial boundaries. In other words, certain individuals who were born one race feel like they identify as another race that is not their birth races. These individuals could go to certain extents such as tanning, skin bleaching, and cosmetic surgeries. The use of the word transracial wasn’t adopted or recognized until recent years when media outlets started covering stories over people who identified as transracial themselves.
Rachael Dolezal is an example of a transracial person who was born as a white woman who feels like she is an African American woman. Rachael was the former chapter president of the NAACP and was a civil rights activist says since a young age she felt like she was black even though she wasn’t. She has gone to extents such as tanning and altering her hair to adapt to this persona she has created for herself as a ‘black women’. Rachael’s parents are both Caucasian and have stated that Rachael is a Caucasian woman herself. In an interview Rachael stated that race as a construct is a fluid understanding when defending her case in identifying as a specific race.
It would be understandable if a biracial person feels like one the races they are is more proiment in their life and they feel like they identifiy as it more than the other race. The problem with being born one race and choosing to identify with another race that isn’t the individual’s actual race is disrespectful. The person decides to neglect all the history behind the race and chooses to pick up the culture and essentially appropriate it. In a way for the individual in can be a fetish of some sort where they decide when to engage in the culture and when to be that race.
Being transracial is not a real thing. An individual cannot choose to be a race. A person cannot pick and choose what to be whenever you want to. Race isn’t something that is fluid and adaptable. There’s pain and history behind every culture and race that an individual who isn’t part of it can never truly know what it feels like. A person can’t choose to be race because they think it’s cute and trendy. Race isn’t a piece of clothing you put on one day then decide to put on another day. It’s disrespectful especially with all the racial tension in today’s political aspects to be able to have this decision after what each race faces individually person cannot be transracial.

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