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Seniors commit to alternate school choices, further careers-Shianne Irwin

April 9, 2018

There are many paths that students can take once they leave high school. A student can go to college, enroll in the military, attend community college, get a job right out of school, etc. One of the options is going to trade school. Shianne Ferestad-Irwin is doing just that. She said, “I am going to a Trade School Cosmetology School, here in Omaha most likely, and to do hair and makeup for salons.” 


“I have always been into makeup and cutting peoples hair. I cut my dads hair all the time, so I am already a barber I guess you could say”, Ferestad Irwin said. The current Central senior said she wants to do the craft, “as like a side job, and then photography for my other side.” “I always thought about photography as my career, but that (hair and makeup career) is another option to do”, she said.  


Ferestad-Irwin wants to accomplish a lot while at the trade. Aside from learning the basics of the craft she is, “hoping that more people will recognize me as a person, and (I) will get my name more out there in the world.” Like many careers, marketing and making a name for yourself is very important in this profession. It is important to be able to land a job as quickly as possible.  


Networking is also very important to a successful career in the industry. Ferestad-Irwin hopes she is able to accomplish some these important difficult tasks at the trade school. She said, “I do not want to be a nobody, I want to be somebody.” 

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