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Quiz bowl team wins third place at Creighton Prep meet

April 9, 2018

The Central Quiz Bowl team placed third at the Creighton Prep Invitational competition during spring break this year. The team answers trivia questions, on anything from math to pop culture. They practice every week and will go to a total of four competitions this year.  

Isaac Regier, a senior and one of the founders of the Quiz Bowl team, decided to start the team after competing in Middle School Competitions. After enjoying competing in middle school, he was disappointed that there was not a team at Central. Last year, he and a couple friends decided to start a team. Regier said, “Twelve years ago there was a quiz bowl team at Central, and the teacher who sponsored it retired and it did not really continue, but we talked about and there seemed to be a lot of interest, so we formed one.”  

Regier was extremely happy to place third at the last meet. At competitions there are both advanced and novice areas of competition. Normally, there are two novice teams and one advanced team at Central. However, at the last competition there were not enough people to make up both teams so there was one advanced member and everyone else was novice, but they still competed in the advanced competition. This means that the Central team was competing against more difficult competition and still placed third.  

The team meets every Wednesday, where they find sample questions online, and compete against one another. This is good practice for actual competitions because they do not what the questions will be and can practice questions of any variety in the same way they would be asked at a competition. They then try to figure out who is the best at each of the categories and make balanced teams based on that.  

People who are in quiz bowl are participating in a not athletic competition. Regier says that the competitions and practices are a lot of fun, and a good way to participate in healthy competition. There are also many different categories of questions including pop culture, math, science, literature, and history. Regier said, “For people who are not necessarily athletic, it is a fun competition to do. Even if you are athletic it is just a good gauge of a different skill.” 

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