Prairie life is friendly, comfortable, okay for children

May 5, 2018

A motivated gym goer goes to their morning workout. The place just so happens to be Prairie Life Fitness. He or she goes to one of the three locations: 31st and Farnam St, Q St, and 132nd and Center St. This person can expect many different things from this gym, including the prices. From experience, membership cost $39 per month, and people can choose from month-to-month memberships, once-a-year, and twice-a-year memberships. To find out what prices to expect at a specific location, one would have to physically go to that location because the prices are not listed online.  

Prairie Life seems to be a comfortable environment to be in from checking in to leaving. It tends to attract an older crowd, and people there are more fitness-oriented instead of being social. There is no overcrowding, and people tend to mind their own business. The trainers there are very friendly, and they care about one’s goals and preferences. They do not try to hold training sessions if they see that someone is using the equipment in that area.  

This equipment is almost always readily available to all members. Besides a gym, there is also a pool, a basketball court, and multiple racquetball courts. There is both an indoor pool, an outdoor pool available for use, and a hot tub. The indoor pool consists of four lanes and a large area for open swimming, while the outdoor pool has two slides and a shallow play area for younger kids. Safety equipment, such as life jackets, noodles, and kickboards, are always easily accessible. There are lifeguards in both the indoor and outdoor that encourage the safety of everyone, especially children. Based off experience, the lifeguards act quickly if they see someone who is about to drown in the pool, and they make sure to restate the rules to make sure that it doesn’t happen again.  

Prairie Life is geared to children and families. They have many kids’ programs, along with a childcare program. There are two rooms for childcare that one can put their children in while they work out: a room for babies and toddlers, and another for older children. The room for older children isn’t open half the time, which means that there are six-year-old children and six-month-old babies in the same overcrowded room. There are adults at these rooms, but they are there only to supervise. They tend to the babies, who are in a sectioned-off area in the room, but they do not try to relate to the older kids or try to get to know them. When the second room opens, the older kids walk to the other room where they are met with more of the same toys and little adult contact. Of course, they are supervised, but they are also left alone. This is entirely based off experience.  

The kids’ programs include swimming lessons and recreational clubs. Swimming lessons are offered at a young age, and they consist of six levels. When a child passes a level, they move on to the next group. They teach children about the different strokes and how to tread water, but it may take up to five or more times before a child can move up to the next level, even if the child has clearly mastered the skills taught. The recreational club involves a wide variety of sports, and different activities that require physical activity. These activities are geared more towards older children and it is often a place where they can go and not have to worry about hurting younger children.  

Overall, Prairie Life is a very comfortable, family-oriented place where people can go to improve their lifestyle efficiently and without judgement. It is somewhat affordable and there is a wide range of ways that people can be physically active and stay fit. The staff there clearly care about all members, but the childcare has some room for improvement, in terms of care for the older children. Prairie Life is a place where people can see a positive change in their life just by going to the gym.  

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