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80’s Snack Shack

May 9, 2018

From the bright colors to funky music and outlandish outfits, 80’s Snack Shack embodies all these things. The nostalgic atmosphere brings a familiar era and cuisine Mexican food into a restaurant.
Dulce Gomez the owner of the restaurant wasn’t always working in the culinary field, before opening the restaurant she started as a paralegal. She became restless and disinterested then decided to follow her dreams and open her own place. Dulce always wanted to be her own boss and make all her own decisions. She wanted to bring the community together in a fun and creative with this restaurant. Family is very important to Dulce especially when deciding to open the restaurant, she had to consider how it would affect her family life. She insisted in letting her daughter Jackie Gomez decide to be a part of the business, so Jackie created the name and theme of the restaurant. Jackie specifically chose the 80’s because she wanted to dedicate the restaurant to her dad who was born in the 80’s and because she considered to be the most iconic era.
Fresh, rich and authentic is the motto they promise to deliver. They serve a variety of food from tacos, tortas, elotes and tamales to banana splits, ice cream and fruity drinks. You can also choose to pick from a range of different snacks and candies to buy. Mornings at 80’s Snack Shack they serve different breakfast foods and drinks. The cheap prices and students discounts is a big factor that differentiates from another Mexican restaurant along with the theme. The restaurant is decorated with pink walls, posters of classic 80’s bands and a small record player playing 80’s music. Dulce described her restaurant as a ”comfortable and convenient place to eat at”.
The slogan behind 80’s Snack Shack is “This is it”, to Dulce this statement means this is the place to be. The place to go when you want quality food in a fun atmosphere. The restaurant is located 4731 Giles Rd in Bellevue, open Monday- Saturday. This is the place to be.

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